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General Hospital Update for Thursday, 30-Aug-2012

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Posting date: Tue, 04-Sep-2012 8:20:20 PM PDT

As Port Charles residents prepare to die from the deadly pathogen in the water, Joe Jr. grows a conscious; Anna and Luke get closer, Molly and TJ share their bucket lists with each other and Sean makes a bold move! Hey, can't say it's a case of too little, too late, right?
More and more citizens are getting sick, and as to be expected, GH's Emergency Room is in chaos. Epiphany is doing her best to maintain order in the waiting room, but you can tell the strain is getting to the head nurse.
Patrick, being the only doctor on staff (seems like it, right?) is trying to develop an antidote. He even has Carly and Jax bring Joss in so he can take a sample of her blood.
Speaking of chaos, McBain is in charge temporarily at the PCPD, while Anna is off trying to find Robin.
Alexis agrees to meet Jerry at the PCPD and tries to find out his price for the antidote. He gives a monetary amount that is so outrageous that even she throws up her hands!
Antidotes?? Well, guess what Joe Jr. did? Remember how Jerry told him he gave him one dose that he was supposed to mix with water and drink?
Well, after Joe went over to the Q mansion and fooled around with Tracy, he mixed it in her water bottle when she wasn't looking and told her to drink it! And you know what? She did!
Wow, Tracy and Joe Jr??? Who knew??
On to Anna and Luke, who are canoodling in Switzerland. Luke is comforting Anna after her search for Robin didn't go quite the way she expected.
Of course, they have no idea of what's going on back home and are startin' something...Luke seals the deal by telling Anna the truth about Ethan and how Robert is really on a wild goose chase!
Meanwhile, back in PC, Molly and TJ decide to share their bucket lists with each other at Kelly's.
It's really quite sweet: Molly says that she's always wanted to write a novel and finish War and Peace and TJ says that he wants to take risks and ride a motorcycle! Typical TJ and Molly!
Sean? He's taking the bull by the horns. He leaves Kelly's and goes to the PCPD where he runs into Alexis--and promptly plants a huge kiss on her!!!!!!!!! AlaBAMA.................
Anyway, will our friends live to see another day? Stay tuned!
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