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General Hospital Update for Thursday, 6-Sep-2012

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Posting date: Sat, 15-Sep-2012 8:48:27 AM PDT

Today was a day of what if's for Jason and Sam--but if Heather has anything to do with it, one of their fantasies could come true in a real way-but will they be here to realize it?
As we all know, Port Charles is still dealing with the effects of the deadly pathogen in the water supply, courtesy of Jerry Jacks.
Jason and Sam, along with the rest of the city, are facing their possible deaths at GH. Sam starts wondering about what their lives would have been like if she had never gone to Ferncliff to meet with Heather--and found out that Jason and Franco were indeed brothers!
Heather is back at Ferncliff and tells her nurse that she's heard the news reports from Port Charles (now under martial law!!) and needs to attone for her past sins.
She says that a visit would be great, but a phone call would be OK as well--sooo, she gets to call Steve!
Steve (who is rather busy at that moment, dealing with a packed Emergency Room), does not appreciate the interruption and spits out that Heather was never his mother and he regrets taking her out of Ferncliff!!
Heather is determined to make things right, in her own demented way, so she kills her nurse and heads over to Llanview--and knocks on Tea's door. Tea answers, with Jason and Sam's baby in her arms!
Meanwhile, Sam is thinking about what might have beens, if she had never learned Heather's information.
We see Jason and Sam, very much in love, at Lamaze class and at Sam's baby shower. I loved Spinelli's gift: a minature black t-shirt for the baby!! (Cute!!)
Sam's water breaks, of course, and the party is off to GH! There's no room in the birthing wing, so Sam and Jason have their baby in an ER cubicle.
Their baby boy is beautiful--and his Grandmother Alexis and Grandmother Monica both get a chance to bond with him.
Monica takes Jason aside and tells him to never take his son for granted, and apologizes to him for the mistakes she and Alan made with him. Veru sweet.
Coming back to the penthouse, the new family is surprised to see their home filled with baby supplies and toys, courtesy of their son's Great Grandfather Edward, who leaves a note saying "to a future Chairman of the Board at ELQ!! (Sweet!!)
Jason and Sam decide to name their new son Daniel Edward, Daniel for Sam's late brother and Edward for guess who!
Sam's very sweet fantasy concludes with a birthday party for their daughter, which means that in her dream, they wound up having not one, but two kids.
Could this fantasy still be a reality? Will Jason and Sam find out about their son? Stay tuned!
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