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General Hospital Update for Thursday, 13-Sep-2012

Author: View Profile kscornell
Posting date: Sat, 22-Sep-2012 9:08:21 AM PDT

Crisis over! By now, everyone has had the antidote to the deadly pathogen in the Port Charles water supply and is immune, thank god! Meanwhile, daily drama does go on.
Trey and Christina are back in Port Charles and are getting ready to deal with the fallout from their Vegas quickie marriage; Maxie is saddened to learn that Spinelli is not going to let himself get too close to her and gets advice from an unlikely person; You've heard of the Mile-High Club? Ask Joe and Tracy what they call the club for people who do it at a hospital; Jax is NOT dead--and noone's happier than Carly!
Almost forgot to mention that Johnny and Todd make a deal and Jason sends Spinelli out to prove that the baby who died wasn't Sam's. Busy day!
Starting off with Trey and Christina, we see them going to the Lake House. They're looking for Alexis, who is still wrapped up with the drama at the piers with Jerry.
Sam is there, and the happy couple tells her about their wedding. She's not thrilled about it, and Chrissy quickly tells her that they are going to have it annulled soon--and hopefully Alexis can file the papers.
What they don't know is that Starr and Michael have beaten them back to Port Charles and have told Sonny, who's now out for blood!
Spinelli has also returned from Arizona and goes to the Scorpio house to make sure that Maxie is safe. Once he sees that everyone is fine, he gently tells her that since she's married, and they no longer can have a romantic relationship, he is not interested in just being friends. "So you want all or nothing?" a stunned Maxie says. When he agrees, Spinelli leaves.
Felicia, on the other hand, sits with her daughter and tells her a little bit about her own life--how she was madly in love with Frisco, but failed to see the good in Mac, and now she knows that you have to love the man who is going to be there for you.
Meanwhile, over at GH, Joe and Tracy are getting ready to leave. She has returned to pick up the beret that Edward left.
As they are walking out of the room, Joe sees Sonny standing at the nurses' station. Panicked, he pushes Tracy back into the room and kisses her. And then, well, there WAS an empty bed in the room, officer....Yeah, uh-huh!!!
As they are dressing, Tracy invites Joe to stay at the Q mansion, which he politely declines. She realizes that she doesn't even know his last name when she finds his ID necklace with his initials engraved on it. She's on the case!!!
While this was going on, Sonny was telling Carly that Jax is dead--but she's not buying it. And that makes the moment when he walks in even sweeter to her!! He and Jerry were on the boat when it blew up, but Jax was able to swim away and spent the night in the harbor before he was picked up. I think that Johnny better start to worry, because it looks like Carly and Jax could get closer!
Speaking of Johnny, he's sleeping in his hospital room when Todd walks in and locks the door.
After Todd stops trying to smother him with his pillow, (he said he wasn't worth the murder trial), they made a deal: Johnny would keep his mouth shut about the murder attempt if Todd would keep his closed about Johnny shooting out Anthony's tires and killing Cole and Hope!They actually shook on it, but I think it was a deal with the devil.
Lastly, Spinelli's latest assignment. He goes to Jason in his hospital room and Jason shares with him the evidence making it clear that the baby who died wasn't really Sam's. Spinelli reminds him that Sam donated some of the baby's tissue for research at GH and it's up to them to find it to prove that this is the truth: that Sam was not the mother of the baby who died. Look out!
Will Spinelli uncover the truth about the baby? Will Sonny kill Trey? Will Tracy find out Joe's identity? Stay tuned!
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