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General Hospital Update for Friday, 14-Sep-2012

Author: jackie
Posting date: Fri, 14-Sep-2012 7:40:27 PM PDT

One might say that today's General is almost like "the calm after the storm." After ingesting the antiserum, the inhabitants of Port Charles have made it out alive except for a few.The question is : " Where is Jerry? We do know that Jax has survived the fire-ridden boat thanks to Sonny's help. Speaking of Sonny, he asks Kristina what she was thinking when she eloped with Trey to Las Vegas. She explains rather sweetly that she did this to help Trey's dad. She adds that they will annul this foolish marriage very soon. Of course, this may not occur since his dad Joe says : " this annulment can't take place." Joe Scully is playing them all, but I believe that Kate has figured it all out. When Trey goes to see Sonny, Kate answers the door. She asks Trey : " Where did you get your necklace?" He responds : " From my dad". She jerks it off and sees that the initials are Joseph Mitchell Scully's.Oops! She is flabberghasted. Does she know then that Trey is her lost son? This ought to get interesting! Tracy is smitten with Joe. Monica says that he does seem to care for her. Yet. wise Monica adds: "If you are going to have sex with him,at least learn his last name." HA Is Joe playing headgames with Tracy?Is he after her moolah or does he have feelings for her?
This fan feels that Jason and Fair Sam will not divorce even though Sam saw Jason kissing Elizabeth. Liz has declared her feelings for Jason. She even puts balloons in his penthouse to celebrate his birthday and his returning home from the hospital.Liz tells Jason : " We have been getting closer.. there's this pull between us, etc."Jason seems somewhat uneasy with her heartfelt words of endearment. Before this scene, Alexis has told Sam that she has drawn up the divorce papers for her and Jason. Tearfully, Sam tells Alexis that it wasn't his fault that her baby had died.She also told her that Jason had reached out to her for the first time since her baby's death.It's apparent that Sam does not want to sign these papers soooooo. Alexis pleads with her to tell Jason exactly what she has told her.
In the meantime, a coquettish, determined Spinelli is trying to talk a cute lab asst. into breaking the rules. Ellie asks him : " Are you trying to manipulate me? " She puts up a little fight,but Spinelli gets his way. She tests the tissue and finds out that the baby who died was definitely not Sam's. Wow! Me thinks that Sam and Jason's little one will bring them back together.Yet, if Heather has him, it's no telling when or how they will retrieve their precious son. Sooooooo all you fans need to follow GH carefully as fate plays its hand in several realizations.It is an exciting time on General Hospital!
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