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General Hospital Update for Thursday, 20-Sep-2012

Author: View Profile kscornell
Posting date: Sat, 29-Sep-2012 8:43:50 AM PDT

Sonny's marrying Kate--or is he? As this marriage prepares to begin, two others officially ended today--and one is getting stronger, but not if Alexis and Sonny have anything to do with it!
What else happened today? Almost forgot to mention that Jason is REALLY close to finding Sam's baby in Llanview. He's told Steve about it, and also added that he's certain that Heather is behind the switcheroo.
Starting off with the planned wedding of the year in Port Charles: Sonny and Kate. What Sonny doesn't know is that he's actually marrying Connie, (yep, she's back), not Kate.
Maxie is planning the wedding, of course, and she's gone over to Chez Corinthos to share her vision with the blushing bride.
Connies rejects everything that Maxie has come up with and tells her instead of elegant, what she's looking for is trashy, trashy, trashy! (or words to that effect).
She even tells her that instead of a Bachelorette party at an English tea room, she wants to go to a dive bar and drink shots of a male stripper's abs!! Ewwww...
Connie finally comes clean and tells Maxie that she's dealing with her, not Kate, and Maxie has one of the best lines of the day: "That explains the platform heels and the leopard print"......ya think??
On a sadder note, I do have to report that Carly and Sam signed their divorce papers, ending their marriages. They are now free to move on: Carly with Johnny and Sam with John McBain.
McBain returned Sam's Phoenix figurine to her from the hotel room she was in the night her son was born, and you could tell she was saddened by the breakup of her marriage and the loss of her son.
What marriage is growing stronger? Trey and Christina's! Trey is still reeling from the shock of learning that Kate Howard is his mother and returns to his apartment.
Christina is waiting for him there and is ready to help him forget with a wild night in bed.
Meanwhile, Alexis is busy drawing up their annulment paperwork and is home when Sonny comes over to tell her about Trey and Kate's connection.
Alexis has the paperwork ready for Christina's signature, but what she doesn't realize is that Christina has changed her mind and will not be signing them!
Trey even texts Joe Jr. to tell him that he is staying married to Christina, but not because he wants him to.
Finally, Jason's investigation. He brings Steve up to speed by letting him know that the baby who died could not have been Sam's, due to the blood type and that he thinks her real son is alive and living in Llanview! (Bingo!!)
What Steve is stunned to find out is that there is real evidence to show that Heather is behind the switch!
Will Sonny and Kate's marriage go off without a hitch? Will Sam be reunited with her son? Stay tuned!
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