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General Hospital Update for Friday, 21-Sep-2012

Author: jackie
Posting date: Fri, 21-Sep-2012 3:14:51 PM PDT

It's almost autumn on General Hospital and Jason, Spinelli, and John have an interesting plan to find little Jason,JR. This fan is thrilled that Sam will finally retrieve her baby boy.After discussing the situation with Mc Bain, Mc Bain goes to Landview to investigate. He knocks on Tea's door and Heather is there. WoW! Let the anticipation continue on Monday. Heather has been keeping this adorable baby whom she is going to call her "own Steven Lars".Hopefully Mc Bain can take care of this situation ASAP or Heather will be gone with baby in tow.
Sam drops by Jason's to ask him to sign their divorce papers.OF course, Spinelli pleads with her to put this on hold. He almost spills the beans about Jason's looking for their baby. Well,I say THEIR,but I'm not sure that Jason knows that he is the father. SO....Sam tells Spinelli that she has forgiven Jason,but that their problems go much deeper. Spinelli adds : " "wait for the miracle." Sam asks: " What miracle''? Spinelli then tries to remind her that today is their wedding anniversary.At one point Spinelli begs Sam not to give up on Jason. He's such a romanticist! :-)
Anna returns to Port Charles,and she immediately, questions Steve and others about Heather. I guess Luke is out of the picture for her.
The new rather pushy DR W asks Patrick on a date. At first, he hesitates, but the young student nurse ,Sabrina, insists on keeping sweetheart Emma so he can go. Maxie is busy preparing for Kate's( Connie) and Sonny's wedding for October 2.Needless to say, it isn't Kate who is making the plans.More Connie ahead...
Sabrina daydreams about Patrick's taking her out. She is very smitten with him.She walks around in a fog sooooo she's funny.Patrick alludes to Edward's giving Emma that one dosage of antiserum.It is with a sad heart that Edward( John Ingle) has passed away . This fan will miss him sooooooooo much.He was a special actor..
We observe as Sam and Jason end up at the quaint Chinese Restaurant where they married. Shouldn't this reunion of sorts have deep meaning for them?Tis something to ponder..
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