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General Hospital Update for Thursday, 27-Sep-2012

Author: View Profile kscornell
Posting date: Thu, 04-Oct-2012 5:28:01 AM PDT

Party on!! Yep, Kate's Bachelorette Party is in full swing at the Floating Rib--with more than one surprise and Sonny and his friends are celebrating his impending nuptials with a poker party at his restaurant. But (there's always a but, right??) the boys have an unexpected guest.
Almost forgot to mention that Joe Jr. and Tracy have their own private party--in his hotel room!! (Can't say enough for that nice, cozy bed, right??)
Starting off at the Floating Rib, the ladies of Port Charles are arriving for Kate's Bachelorette Party. There are lots of balloons, good conversation and the booze is flowing, but naturally, Party Planner Maxie is freaking.
Why, you may ask? I'll tell you why: NO STRIPPERS!!!
Kate (actually Connie) told Maxie that she wanted strippers and lots of 'em, or Maxie can kiss her chances of being hired back as her First Assistant at Crimson good-bye!
Maxie's BFF Lulu comes to the rescue and whispers in Milo's ear. (He's there to provide security for Kate).
The lights dim, the music starts, and it's Magic Milo!! He walks out on stage in his three-piece suit and is just standing there, but Lulu coaches him through his moves.
One thing leads to another, and Milo's stripped down to his underwear and the ladies are tossing bills everywhere!! (And I do mean EVERYWHERE!!)
Kate/Connie decides she doesn't want the party to end and goes backstage to find Milo. And when Olivia finds them, they are making out like they need to get a room!!!
Meanwhile, Sonny and his boys are celebrating his wedding with an old fashioned poker party. Spinelli is winning everything (of course), when Trey walks in.
Trey decides the party's too rich for his blood, but Sonny has other ideas. He tells his Son in Law that he can take a loan from "The Bank of Corinthos", but you can tell that Trey has a feeling that it's going to be more than he bargained for!
Everyone's giving Michael marriage advice, which was cute, because they somehow got the idea that he was thinking of marrying Starr. Max even got into it, which is kinda ironic, being that he botched things with Diane, but hey...
Oh well, on to Joe Jr. and Tracy. He's getting ready to check out of his motel room when there's a knock at the door.
It's Tracy, with Joe's identity necklace. (Remember, Trey has a matching one). She demands to know the real story and asks why she should be with the man that raped Kate Howsrd.
You can tell that Tracy's head knows that this is not good, but her heart is not convinced. She tries to walk out, but goes back into the room and kisses Joe passionately!
Will Sonny realize that he's not marrying Kate, but Connie? Do Joe Jr. and Tracy have a future? Stay tuned!
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