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General Hospital Update for Friday, 28-Sep-2012

Author: jackie
Posting date: Fri, 28-Sep-2012 2:37:43 PM PDT

General Hospital explodes with evil intentions as Kate ( Connie) lives it up at her bachelorette party.In fact, she goes a little wilder than usual. She is to marry Sonny,but tis not a happy time. As sexy Miles strips at the Girlie event, Olivia loses it when she sees Kate kissing Miles. Well, as she so aptly says : " You looked like an octupus who was all over him." HA Of course,Kate turned around and informed Olivia that she was hallucinating again.In the meantime,the guys are having a bachelor party with an absent groom-to-be.An irate Sonny is lambasting Trey about his coercing Kristina to marry him. He tries to pay Trey off. Then, he tells him that he will divorce Kristina. Trey yells NEVER.Sonny pulls a gun on Trey as his son Dante is about to enter.What a scene!Must Sonny always be in control?
Spinelli tries to make Jason understand why he should not give up on the evidence to locate Sam's baby. Jason tells him that his search is over. Of course, we know that Miss Liz was the one who took the DNA sample to the lab,or did she? Spinelli calls Ellie to come over. She tells Jason that it's impossible that the DNA does not match the other evidence.He asks Ellie for a date as Maxie enters. Oh me! Then, a hurting Sam gives Jason the divorce papers. This makes me sooooooooo upset. When will the truth ever be known? Things are dragging..;-)We know that Elizabeth blabbed a bunch of untruths to LuLu about Jason's kissing her,etc.Sweet Liz is really playing the evil one today.
While Sam drinks her cocktail and ponders the Kiss Jason gave her, she overhears Liz boasting about the fact that Jason truly wants this divorce. She adds :" Now that we both are going to be free,perhaps we can seal that bond of love or whatever she said."Hearing these lies,perhaps, sent a sad final message to Jason and Sam..The whole "Jason- Sam- bAby story" is not going well sooooooooo.
Johnny is prepared to leave Port Charles. He asks Carly to take Josslyn and go with him. Kate ( Connie) has something on John that he is trying to escape. Carly asks : " Why do you want to uproot our lives?"She still insists that he is hiding something.
The only bit of humor is when Miles returns to Sonny's place. Max notices red lipstick on his neck. Miles tells him that Kate kissed him a lot,but he did not reciprocate.Poor Miles did not know what to think..;-)He decided that Sonnny might kill him if he were to tell. Oh me! Surely someone is going to recognize that this Kate is truly Connie and she hates Sonny.This so-called wedding is to take place on Monday so tune in to experience the "show" that is about to begin.
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