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General Hospital Update for Monday, 1-Oct-2012

Author: jackie
Posting date: Mon, 01-Oct-2012 4:22:25 PM PDT

It's an insane time on General Hospital today. Crazy as it seems,it is a doom and gloom wedding day for Sonny and an erratic Kate. Well, actually, it is Connie who is in control. All of their friends have gathered for this blissful event , yet red flags go up all over the place. It's nice that Maxie has returned to help Kate with this occasion. Yet, when she sees Spinelli with cute Ellie, the sparks fly. Ellie calls Spinelli DAMIAN which irks our fair Maximista. Olivia seems to be the only one who thinks that Kate's bizarre behavior is that of her cousin Connie.She questions Kate ( Connie) about her choice in dress, etc. This gal is simply not the fashion queen. Sonny questions Kate about why she got so angry with Trey. Of course,it seems as if Kate has blocked out the fact that Trey is her long lost son.Tis sad when one thinks about it.In the meantime, an honest Trey opens up to Kristina and tells her everything. She is crushed . She tells him : " I thought you cared for me." "Everyone told me that you were playing me."She feels as if Trey has manipulated her to get back at her father. As she leaves the scene, a devastated Kristina tells Trey that she is going to annul this "joke of a marriage". Someone sneaks up on her and places a black bag over her head. Oh dear! Another kidnapping..
It's indeed interesting as Johnny waits for Carly to get dressed to go to Sonny's wedding. He is watching "Dancing With The Stars" on tv. Carly asks him: " Doesn't that look like????" Of course,it is our fair, lovely Sam dancing ,and she's great!;-)
Johnny leaves Carly alone prior to the wedding to have an urgent talk with Kate. He begs Connie to let something go so Carly will not get hurt. What's going on between these two?
I did not think that Elizabeth could keep the truth from Jason. She is with him prior to the wedding. He signs the divorce papers while a dejected Mc Bain kisses Sam tenderly. His girlfriend has told him bye bye. This is a rather ironic scene since a tearful Liz tells Jason that she lied to him. Lies she did tell!She said : " It's not the person I want to be." She said I lied because I wanted you to get that divorce. I love you..She alluded to the conversation with LuLu that Sam overheard at the bachelorette party. Then, she adds: " and about Sam's baby.." She doesn't finish the statement.Everything has gone amok,and this fan feels that more harm and hurt will prevail. It's not a wedding..it's monkey biz.
Olivia, who has doubts about Kate, finds her grandmother's lovely lace hanky in the trash can. She had given it to Kate for something borrowed, something blue, and something dear.She tells Steve: " Something is not right."Will Olivia stop this fiasco? Will Carly find out the truth about Johnny? Will Sam and John make love? Will LIz tell Jason the truth about Sam's baby boy? Please tune in tomorrow for some answers. Wow! What a day!
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