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General Hospital Update for Thursday, 11-Oct-2012

Author: View Profile kscornell
Posting date: Sun, 21-Oct-2012 5:43:53 AM PDT

Sam is getting closer to being reunited with her baby and Thea could soon find out the painful truth. Olivia is turning into quite the psychic, but could pay the price and Duke's back--or is he?? Just another day in Port Charles, right?
Starting off with the baby switching story, which is coming to a head, we see that Heather is still on the run with baby Victor.
What she doesn't know is that McBain and Anna are on her tail and have tracked her to the sleazy motel she's at in Port Charles! (About time that the PCPD solves one, right?)
Anyway, Heather could have the last laugh. After discovering that Victor has run out of his medication, she takes him to GH, where she hopes to steal what he needs and be on her way. Just a typical day in the life of Heather, right?
Before this happens, Heather has called Todd, ordering him to bring her money and passports for her new life with Victor, or else she blabs everything to the cops.
Todd has everything and is heading out the door, but a grieving Thea shows up on his doorstep first!
Anyway, Todd is trying to figure a way out of this mess before he has to tell Thea the truth, that she is not Victor's mother.
After trying to think it out while standing on his head (works for me, lol), Todd tells her that he just got a call from "his team" of personal investigators and he's heading over to the motel to bring back Victor. Naturally, Thea wants to come too!
They go into Heather and Victor's room just as McBain and Anna are casing it--and McBain asks Todd how he knew about Heather's whereabouts! Todd needs to weasel his way out of this one!
Back at GH, Liv is waiting for Steve to be checked over from his latest encounter with Mommie Dearest (aka Heather).
She freaks out when she thinks that it's Heather coming to tell her that Steve has been delayed in Radiology--but it actually turns out to be Epiphany!!
Liv tries to cover it up, but Epiphany is still worried and reports this information to Dante.
What Liv doesn't realize is that this vision will actually become reality. She REALLY spots Heather on the stairs to the balcony, carrying Victor.
The two women fight and Heather pushes Liv down the stairs. Jason and Sam hear the commotion and confront Heather on the balcony--and we don't know what happens!
Duke Lavery? His latest encounter with Luke didn't go so well! Luke's not convinced that he's REALLY Duke Lavery and told him that he's not thru fighting for Anna. Let the games begin!
Will Sam and Jason be reunited with their baby? Will Heather go to Ferncliff, for good this time? Is Duke really Duke? Stay tuned!
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