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General Hospital Update for Monday, 15-Oct-2012

Author: jackie
Posting date: Mon, 15-Oct-2012 4:39:25 PM PDT

Heather is sitting precariously on the ledge of the hospital's roof with Sam's baby son. She says : " If I can't have him, nobody can." Quicker than one knew what was happening, she fell off. In some miraculous way , Jason reached down and pulled him up before he fell.Jason hands this precious child to his mother and a crying Sam tells him : " You saved him, you brought him back to me." It is a joyful time for Sam, yet she knows that heartache lies ahead for Tea.No one has told Tea that this baby is not hers soooo.
They take an unconscious ,bloody Heather to ER . When she wakes, she asks for Steven Lars. She tells Steven that she has always loved him. She adds : " Do not blame yourself. I betrayed your trust." Even though she has done some cruel, sick things, he doesn't reject her. His mixed feelings confuse him. He does tell Dante : "I know she has done some bad things, but she is still my mother."
A fiery Anna begins to interrogate Heather by asking her about her connection to Todd Manning.She wants her to confess that he was an accomplice in this ugly baby ordeal. Heather replies: " Why don't you tell me about Robin instead?" Sabrina overhears Anna's telling Heather about going to Switzerland to find Robin. She tells Patrick : " I think your wife's alive." Wow! Another story to come...
Finally, Todd is forced to tell a screaming Tea that the baby is Sam's ..not hers." The more Todd tries to explain, the more anxious and confused Tea becomes.This is a heartbreaking scene. One can only imagine her pain. On the other hand, Sam can't really enjoy the moment or allow herself to be happy because of Tea's unhappiness and confusion. Please tune in tomorrow to see what happens to Heather, Tea, and Sam. Also, let's hope that Heather will tell Jason that he is this precious little one's dad. It's been a long journey,but..
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