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General Hospital Update for Friday, 19-Oct-2012

Author: View Profile kscornell
Posting date: Sat, 27-Oct-2012 7:24:38 AM PDT

Events have been set in motion that could change lives in Port Charles forever; Todd makes a confession to Carly, or so she thinks; a character who has been gone FAR too long comes back, and in a familiar role, and Anna could be forced to make a decision, SOON!!
Things start off on a happy note as the Morgans are coming back to the Penthouse as a family.
Jason proudly opens the door for Sam and baby Danny. Everyone's back to stay, and Sam seals the deal by placing her phoenix figurine next to Jason's dragon, showing that they are united again.
Jason's showing his Missus how happy he is to see her, when things are interrupted by Danny crying down the hall. Can we say welcome to parenthood?
Here's what they don't know: before this happened Bernie is at Pier 52, where he's making urgent calls to Jason's cell and land lines. He tells Jason that he needs to call back immediately, because it could be a matter of life or death.
The action then flashes back to last December, when Bernie and Sean were shot in Sonny's restaurant. Bernie is trying to tell Carly his secret, when the exam room door opens--and in walks DUKE LAVERY in scrubs!! You're right, if Duke is involved NOT GOOD!!
Back to the present, where Joe Scully Jr has just pulled a gun on Starr at her apartment, right in front of Trey, Christina and Michael.
He left after this happens, and Michael immediately reports the events to Dante. Dante comes over there and sees that everyone's OK.
Anyway, Scully wounds up at Pier 52 and manages to take out Bernie. As Bernie falls, Jason shows up. (He got Bernie's message). A gun battle ensues and Jason shoots Scully.
Jason kicks the gun away and goes over to check on Bernie--but Joe is able to fire one last shot, and it looks like it's fatal for Jason!!
Meanwhile, in baby news, Lulu gets the devastating news that she's not able to have a baby and calls Dante to meet her at GH.
Todd tells Carly, that no, he wasn't involved in the baby switcharoo case (liar, liar pants on fire), but the best news is that his lawyer was able to get him released! And who would that be??? DIANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where have you been, girlfriend??
And Anna? It looks like she is going to have to choose between Duke and Luke. Duke decides to run a DNA test on Duke, (he actually pulled hair out of his head, ouch!!) and Anna's not sure whether to arrest him or not, but you can tell she's wavering.
Will Jason survive? Will Danny grow up with a father? Who will Anna choose? Stay tuned!
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