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General Hospital Update for Monday, 22-Oct-2012

Author: jackie
Posting date: Mon, 22-Oct-2012 4:10:51 PM PDT

As my family knows,I am a devoted fan of General Hospital's Sam and Jason. Just as I became elated over Jason's reunion with Sam as well as Danny, Jason has to die. It brought tears to my eyes as I saw Duke shoot Jason in the back. He was leaning over a bleeding Bernie. Jason moved to the edge of the harbor and fell into the abyss of dark water. When Sonny arrived at the scene, he dove in to try to save the man he loved sooooooo dearly.Much to his dismay, he came up with no Jason. Divers did take to the water ,but Of course, you and I know that he is gone.I will miss him sooooooo much. He has been such a unique ,enigmatic character for so long.I am certain that Sam is going to rue this day along with Sonny and Carly.Sonny goes to inform Sam that Jason has been shot.
While Sam is waiting for Jason earlier,John Mc shows up. He holds sweet Daniel Edward in his arms.Sam lets him know that she and Jason have reconciled. Twas A bitter pill for John because he does have deep feelings for our lovely Sam. Sam tells John: " The feelings we had for each other were real." "I am so sorry" she adds.John assures her that he understands..He is happy for her.
It's a little strange that a profusely bleeding Scully goes to say goodbye to Tracy. Monica had just asked Tracy : " Have you really turned your back on Scully? " Me thinks that Tracy still cares deeply for him.I think Scully shot Bernie, Sonny's right- hand -man of many years. Unfortunately, he dies after telling Sonny about Jason.It's a blood bath down by the harbor.
In the meantime, Scully is telling Tracy that he had saved her life once. He begged her to call his son Trey. As he is dying,he tells Trey that Sonny shot him. Yet, that wasn't so.( another tale to tell)
LuLu is heartbroken to learn that she can never carry a baby to term. She asks the doc: " IS it because I had an abortion when I was a teenager.?" The ob-gyn doc assured her that it was a genetic thing and not her fault. Lu wanted a baby so much. Dante soothes her in such a loving way. He says : " At least,we have each other."The doc assures them that there are other alternatives that they can discuss later.
Another scenario is Luke's trying desperately to convince Anna that Duke is an imposter. He takes a glass from which Duke has drunk and gives it to Anna to check on DNA. Anna tells Duke :" I believe you,but let's do the test and get this over with."The test is run quickly and it is his DNA sooo will a determined Luke give up the fight for fair Anna? I wonder what Duke is planning. It can't be good for Anna..As one can see,this has been a truly riveting time on GH. Let's stay tuned to follow the results. So long Steve ( Jason). Your fans will miss you...
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