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General Hospital Update for Friday, 26-Oct-2012

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Posting date: Sat, 03-Nov-2012 7:09:16 AM PDT

It's just before Halloween, and in the past, Port Charles has made happy preparations to celebrate Maxie's birthday--but not this year.
Everyone is coming to grips with Jason's death in their own way: Monica and Tracy are fighting (of course!!); Anna is closer than she thinks to unraveling the mysteries of what happened on Pier 52 that night--and Duke is feeling the heat; Patrick lashes out at sweet nurse Sabrina for collecting money for flowers for Monica, and Dr. West is there to stir the pot and McBain tells Sam that she's right: he thinks that Jason isn't dead either!! (Reminds me of the old quote "Denial ain't a river in Egypt!!)
Almost forgot to mention that Diane is on the scene again (welcome back, Carolyn Hennessy!! Love you bunches..) but this time, she's working with Todd and Monica gets a mysterious visitor, with a verrry familiar face!! What a day!!
Starting off with Tracy and Monica at the Q mansion. Tracy makes an attempt to comfort her sister in law, who is grieving over Jason. Monica lashes out at her and tells her that his death is all her fault: because if Tracy hadn't hooked up with Joe Scully, Jason would never have been shot!
We're off to the races at that point. Mothering skills (or lack of them) for both women are thrown on the table and it only gets deeper. They finally come to a shaky truce, which is good, since they will need each other in the next few days.
Anna is still investigating the crime scene at Pier 52 when she sees Duke. Duke tells her that he is the new bartender at the Haunted Star, courtesy of Lulu, which leaves Anna clearly amazed. He really starts to sweat when she tells him that the evidence shows that there was indeed a second shooter and the facts show that the second shooter fired the bullet that killed Jason! (Anna, do you know that you're getting WARMER...)
Over at GH, sweet student nurse Sabrina is collecting money from the staff for flowers for Monica.
Patrick lashes out at her; saying that Jason made terrible choices with his life and Robin is dead because of him. Liz comes to Sabrina's defense, saying that Robin would have been in the lab on that fateful day for any other patient, not just Jason and that Jason was important to many Port Charles residents!
Dr. West doesn't waste a second; calling Sabrina over to yell at her. What a witch!
The upshot is that Patrick apologizes to them both and makes a donation to the flower fund.
Moving over to Jason's penthouse, Sam spots Diane trying to slide the paperwork from Danny's real DNA test under her door. This is the one that shows Jason as the father, to refresh everyone's memories.
Anyway, Diane doesn't get a chance to hand it over, because she made the mistake of offering her condolences and telling Sam to call her office should she need legal help.
Sam tells her that not only would she never take her up on it, since she's Todd Manning's lawyer, her husband isn't dead! She then boots Diane out!!
Diane then goes to see Todd. Although he's upset that Sam still doesn't have the paperwork, Todd brainstorms ways to get it to Sam with Diane. At this point, the best GH moment of the week happened: Todd says "the loon!" And Diane does a great Katherine Hepburn imitation from the movie "On Golden Pond". "Look Norman, the loons, the loons!" (I almost spat my coffee out, I was laughing so hard!!)
Anyway, Todd tells Diane that "the loon" is actually Heather (duh..) and she could deliver the news when she gets out of her coma!!I really hope that Todd and Diane have more scenes together. They are a HOOT!!
Moving on....John McBain goes to see Sam, and tells her that she's right, he doesn't think that Jason is dead either, as no body has ever been found! The question is, is he just saying that? Or does he believe it?
Finally, Monica's mysterious visitor. After she kissed and made up with Tracy, Monica is left sitting in her living room when we hear "I didn't think she'd ever leave"...Monica looks up, and Sean Kanan, who used to play AJ, is standing there!!
Was that really AJ? Will Jason's body be found? Will Anna finally get her man? Stay tuned!
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