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General Hospital Update for Wednesday, 21-Nov-2012

Author: View Profile kscornell
Posting date: Sat, 24-Nov-2012 7:54:50 AM PDT

Thanksgiving the Q way...Normally, that would mean pizza, but after today, life will be different. Why? Port Charles (and the General Hospital family) is mourning the passing of a legend: Quatermaine patriarch Edward Quartermaine, played by the late actor John Ingle.
John Ingle, who died recently from cancer, was remembered in true Q fashion: by everyone coming together at the Q mansion to have a huge argument, before sitting down to eat the traditional Thanksgiving pizza!
There were lots of trips down memory lane with film clips over the years and yes, even looney Heather made an appearance for old time's sake!
Who came back? We were treated to a visit with Skye, who brought her lovely daughter Lila Rae and Ned. Loved seeing Wally Kurth again--but man o man, is he turning gray!!
Heather? Almost forgot!! Port C's resident looney was able to break into the mansion disguised as a nurse (complete with brunette wig and glasses)and get her hands on Edward's will before Skye discovered her.
Anyway, Heather was able to take Skye hostage at knifepoint, but not before Alice was able to take her out!! (Good one, Alice. Knew those wrestling moves would come in handy!)
After the men in the white coats hauled Heather back to Ferncliff (she looked fetching in a straight jacket), we could see that the perfect Thanksgiving dinner was ruined in the process.
And sadly, Port Charles' pizza parlor was closed for rennovations! No chance at that pizza--but why did Alice find pizza on the Q's doorstep? And who sent it?
The only clues we see are Edward, standing next to his Lila, before they go up the stairs to the tune of "We Gather Together".
Thank you, John Ingle, for the wonderful memories you gave the GH community and this GH fan over the years. We mourn your passing and you have left big shoes to fill.
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