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General Hospital Update for Tuesday, 27-Nov-2012

Author: jackie
Posting date: Tue, 27-Nov-2012 2:07:59 PM PDT

Gee! My head is just swimming with General Hospital fodder. Maxie blows LuLu's mind when she tells her that she will be her surrogate.Lu says : "No way,You are not that maternal."HA Since Maxie has said that she doesn't like to gain weight or have stretch marks, this is not doable.Of course, Lu tells her that she is so appreciative,but..Maxie tells Lu : "I owe you,I think I can make you an awesome baby."I guess LuLu is somewhat dumbfounded. In fact, she bombarded Maxie with questions. like : " Could you give this baby up?" This would make an interesting story,however, would it work?
Meanwhile, a disappointed Tracy receives a jar of Lila's relish... not a big inheritance.She is so rattled by this, but Ned ( he looks good) reminds her that she is the CEO of the Quartermain Company.She loudly protests with her theories of betrayal. She just knows that AJ will try to oust her. Surely, Tracy is not so in the dark because Skye and AJ discuss a way for him to rule. He ,of course, knows that he must face some nasty charges first.His mind is already in overdrive. I guess he is feigning his sincerity about making things right.It's sad because he could begin to truly unite with his son Michael.This fan sees trouble brewing.Skye tells him to warm up to Sam..so he can, perhaps, get Danny's vote or whatever. Ned tells his mom Tracy the same thing.( Of course,this fan is set on Seeing Sam ( Kelly) win Dancing With The Stars tonight.Isn't she a lovely dancer?)Back to my review..
Robert engages Mack to help him to figure out if Duke is an imposter. He tells Mack about Olivia's seeing the face of Faison when she bumped into supposedly Duke.Robert fears that Anna is in dire trouble. ME TOO.Anna tells Felicia that kissing Duke is not the same.She adds that she doesn't feel it with him soooooo she is skeptical.When he tries to kiss her, she smells cigarette smoke. she asks the dangerous Duke ,I mean Faison.. Were U smoking? I didn't know that you smoked.He gives a silly excuse. Robert just happens to pick up the cig in the alley behind John's place so he can check the DNA. Perhaps, they will soon catch this notorious guy. It may all lead to Robin's return.Duke talks to Johnny too about his knowledge of him and his family.Johnny looks disinterested and a bit confused.
Starr chats with her mom Blair who is about to walk the aisle. Starr tells her that her dad still loves her,etc. Blair seems to listen.. Will Blair change her plans? Will Robert and Mack be able to rescue fair Anna? Time will tell.. so please stay tuned to GH.
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