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General Hospital Update for Friday, 30-Nov-2012

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Posting date: Tue, 04-Dec-2012 6:55:54 AM PDT

What a November it's been in Port Charles! We've mourned Edward Quartermaine, seen that Robin is really alive--and now Blair is marrying ALCAZAR?? Huh??
What else is happening? Maxie, Dante and Lulu are telling their families about Maxie's impending surrogate motherhood, Alexis and Shawn are getting jiggy and it looks like the Nurses' Ball Committee has a new volunteer--but things aren't going quite the way she'd hoped. Almost forgot to mention that Robert has run into another person from Port Charles' past!
Phew!! Let's start off in Lanview, where Todd, Carly and Skye have gone to stop Blair's upcoming wedding.
Blair thinks she's marrying Tomas Delgado, Thea's brother, but this dynamic trio believes that Tomas is actually Lorenzo Alcazar, Lila Rae's father and Carly's ex-husband! (Sure looks like Alcazar in the pictures!)
Anyway, Blair and Thea aren't buying it, even after Carly and Skye show their pictures of Alcazar to her. The fur starts flying and soon Blair and Skye are beating each other up!
After Thea breaks it up, Blair decides to call Tomas to come over there and settle things, pdq! Maybe it's Alcazar, maybe not, but we shall soon find out!
Back in Port Charles, the news about Maxie's impending surrogacy is getting out, but in Maxie's case, she could have found a slightly different way to tell Mac and Anna!
Maxie finds them having a meal at Kelly's and says a. she's pregnant and b. Dante's the daddy!
Naturally, Mac starts to melt down before Maxie tells him about being a surrogate.
Both Anna and Mac are supportive, but it will be interesting to see how Felicia reacts to the news...And btw, Olivia and Sonny were fine with it when Dante and Lulu told them!
Alexis and Shawn? She confronts Shawn over him working for Sonny and says now that she cares for him she doesn't want him going anywhere near Sonny!
This was all said in Shawn's bedroom at Kelly's. One thing led to another and pretty soon, they're both IN that bed....Yup, uh-huh...Nice to see them getting together finally.
On to the Nurses' Ball planning meeting. Britt hears Sabrina confiding to Liz about how she told Patrick that she had a crush on Steve to get him thinking that she didn't crush on him!
The meeting is going fine until the homewrecker, aka Britt walks in--and innocently spills the beans about Sabrina's crush on Steve--TO STEVE!!
Humiliated, Sabrina leaves the room, followed by Liz, who gently convinces her to go back. The upshot is that Sabrina does that, and is put on a project scouting venues for the ball with Patrick!
A fuming Britt watches them make a date to meet the next day and Liz gives her a volunteer job that she can do alone--handling PR!! Looks like Liz is on to her, lol.
Finally, Robert. He's checked Duke Lavery out at the Haunted Star and is now at Windemere searching for clues. He's checking things out when HELENA walks in!! Oops!!!
Amyway, will Maxie really go thru with the pregnancy? Will Blair marry Alcazar? Will Sabrina and Patrick get closer? Stay tuned!
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