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General Hospital Update for Friday, 7-Dec-2012

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Posting date: Wed, 12-Dec-2012 3:44:19 PM PDT

He's baacck!! Yep, Faison's back and he's got Anna in Switzerland--but what he doesn't know is that Robert, McBain and the rest of PC's finest are on to him; Todd refuses Sabrina's offer to underwrite the Nurses' Ball--but she's thought of someone who just might; AJ's cut a deal (with Diane's help) to drop all charges against him, as long as he serves up Faison's head on a platter and the estrangement between Carly and Michael is sadly growing. Busy day!!
Starting off with the man of the hour: Faison. He's left with Anna on a ski vacation to Switzerland. She's a little shocked, because she thought they were going to the Catskills, but rolls with the punches.
Anna thinks she's traveling with Duke (guess again), but what she also doesn't know is that Faison has that creepy doctor from the Lucerne Clinic--you know, the one that gave Robin the electroshock treatments? I don't even want to speculate on what this evil witch has in store for Anna!
Anyway, Robert is in a jail cell at the PCPD after Anna had him brought in for breaking into Duke/Faison's apartment. He's telling everyone who will listen that Duke is really Faison and Anna is in danger. He even tells Tracy, who visits him because he might have news of Luke.
What really helps Robert's case is when AJ and Diane make a deal with the PCPD to have all charges dropped against him: in exchange for telling them what he knows about Faison!
AJ shows the cops the cell phone picture he has of Faison, with a time stamp taken way after he was supposed to have died. (AJ and Faison were patients in the same creepy Lucerne Clinic where Robin is being held). McBain and Dante realize this meshes with what Robert is saying, so the cases are fitting together.
McBain calls Anna, right as she's busting into Duke/Faison's room in Switzerland and comes face to face with Faison!
On to Carly and Michael. She visits his apartment right at the wrong time, as he and Starr are about to take it to the next level.
Carly apologizes for trying to interfere in his growing relationship with AJ, but goes ballistic when Michael tells her that he's been asked by AJ to sit on the ELQ board, and he's interested!
Tensions escalate and Michael finally escorts his mother out of his apartment. Carly needs to let go here!
Finally, Sabrina. She goes to visit to Todd to make a pitch to him to underwrite the Nurses Ball. Patrick was supposed to go with her, but Britt was able to pull him away.
Todd thinks she's his new assistant and piles the work on her. She tells him no and shows him her information about the ball.
After he refuses to fund it. Sabrina sticks up for herself and tells him that he's a fool for not doing it!
Afterwards, she turns to a picture of Lucy Coe in one of the Ball's scrapbooks and says "I think I found someone who might do it!". I hope Lucy comes back. YAY!!
Will Anna be rescued from Faison? Who's going to run ELQ? Will Lucy come back to chair the ball? Stay tuned!
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