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General Hospital Update for Monday, 10-Dec-2012

Author: jackie
Posting date: Mon, 10-Dec-2012 12:44:11 PM PDT

This eerie Faison - Duke facade is still somewhat of a mystery! Faison takes Anna to the clinic in Lucerne,Switzerland.Doesn't she recall this clinic? Obviously not. She screams and starts crying when she and the despicable Faison come face - to-face.He shoots up Anna with a drug so she passes out.Then, he pretends to kill Duke,but he shoots his own man. Anna awakes to find Duke leaning over her and Faison is gone. Or is he?Anna says : " we must go after him",but Duke or whoever says no for some reason.Confusing..
In the meantime, Everybody is chatting with Robert,but it takes Alexis to set him free.He tries to tell Dante, Mc Bain, and others that he must save Anna.His getting out of jail goes soooooooo slowly. Dianne gets AJ off his mess because he has proof that Faison was alive in the same hospital that he was in in Switzerland . In an exchange for this news,Aj is set free.He goes to tell Sonny to back off so he can get to know his son Michael. Sonny and he spar,and I think AJ lets Sonny bloody him.OF course,Michael walked in and is furious with Sonny. Earlier, this fan of Dancing With the Stars saw the hunk dancer Val chatting with Alexis.HA He looked fit to box too. ;-)Starr has stood by Michael through his continued battle within. He struggles with trying to please everyone. ( Not Good)Starr is one perceptive young woman who can sense what others are feeling.
Since Sabrina was turned down by Todd Manning as an underwriter for the Nurses' Gala, she asks Liz about Lucy Coe. Remember firey but cute Lucy? Liz does not show any admiration for Lucy,but she knows that she can do a great job with this fundraiser. A determined Sabrina will not give up. She chats with a young guy who can help.He works with Ms Coe .
This is it for today! Hopefully, Robin will soon be united with her Mom and Dad..Also,I hope Molly can get her manuscript back from the devious Connie.
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