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General Hospital Update for Wednesday, 12-Dec-2012

Author: rdando
Posting date: Wed, 12-Dec-2012 5:43:59 PM PDT

Anna and Duke are making out on the couch when McBain and Scorpio spoil the moment.

Carly and Josslyn go to Kelly’s and Josselyn runs into Johnny’s arms. While Josslyn colors, Carly and Johnny talk and Johnny tells Carly he misses her. Carly blows him off. Johnny is about to tell Carly the truth about why he really married Connie when Todd shows up to break that one up.

Later at his office, Todd tells Mollie that his publisher wants to publish her book. He says the book was submitted by “Coney Falconery”. Connie stole the book and will be taking all the credit (and profit) for the book.

Maxie develops a rash after getting hormone treatments which worries Lulu about Maxie being her surrogate. The Dr. tells them all that the rash was just from a food allergy.

Sam gets a visit from her Mom and Christina with Xmas decorations. While there, Trey shows up with a tree and then asks Christina out for hot chocolate. They go outside and Trey tells her that he is leaving Port Charles after the New Year, and he wants her to come with him. She says she will think about it and they kiss.

Scorpio tells Anna that A.J. has a picture of Faison and that he is alive. Anna says she knows and has already seen Faison. She says Faison and Duke were in her room at the same time so that Faison cannot be Duke.
Scorpio and McBain tell Anna and Duke that Dr. Olbrect told them she did not know Duke, and Duke said he didn’t know Dr. Olbrect. They then tell Duke that they know Dr. Olbrect made a phone call to Duke right after they left Dr. Olbrect. Duke argues that they are lying but McBain has Dr. Olbrect’s phone and redials the last number called. Duke’s phone starts buzzing. McBain turned the heat in the room up and everyone starts sweating except Duke with his fake face. Duke decides to leave and wants to take Anna with him. She suggests they go to an Inn where Duke had supposedly taken her before. Duke agrees but Anna then tells him that he actually had never taken her there. Duke gets furious when Anna is doubtful. Duke goes to leave but Scorpio stops him and dumps a pitcher of hot liquid on his head causing Duke to scream with pain. His mask melts off, and he is revealed as Faison. Faison tells Anna that he did it all for her, and he loves her. Anna punches him in the face as he is being arrested.

Sam tells Alexis that McBain is going to be helping her with finding Jason.

Johnny tells Connie he is going to confess to the murders he committed in order to get out of her blackmailing clutches.
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