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General Hospital Update for Wednesday, 19-Dec-2012

Author: rdando
Posting date: Fri, 21-Dec-2012 6:33:03 PM PDT

Alexis throws Molly’s book down at her at Kelly’s in front of T.J. and asks how she could write something so pornographic. Molly and T.J. show surprise and say it was only a love story, and claims that she did not write it. It becomes apparent that Connie “sexed-up” Molly’s book. T.J. backs Molly up that she didn’t write the “hot stuff”. Alexis heads out to talk with either Connie or Todd to discuss the book.

Sonny walks in on A.J. with Sean at the Q estate. Sean shows A.J. Sonny’s phone that has the message showing that Michael was on his way to the gym and therefore Sonny beating A.J. up was set-up for Michael to witness. Sonny tells him that he remembers leaving his cell phone in the gym when A.J. went into the locker room and knows A.J. saw the message. Sonny tells A.J. to be a man and come at Sonny, not use Michael. A.J. demeans Sonny and says that Sonny has to bring his muscle (Sean) with him to talk about this. Sonny tells Sean to leave him alone with A.J. which he does. A.J. asks if Sonny is going to shoot him now and Sonny tells him he doesn’t have to do anything to ruin A.J. because A.J. will do it all by himself just by him being him.

Starr tells Michael that A.J. set him up with the fight with Sonny. She tells him that A.J. is definitely trying to drive a wedge between Michael and Sonny. Michael tells her that she is acting just like his father and asks her if Sonny put her up to this. Starr tells him that the only reason she told him about it is because she cares about him. Michael apologizes to her and says he is having a bad day because it is the anniversary of Abby’s death. They hug it out then Michael goes to A.J. to ask him if he really did rig the beatdown.

Connie tells Todd that Johnny is feeling guilty about his killing of Starr’s family, and she thinks that he is going to confess. Todd tells her that is her problem not his. Connie starts thinking out loud about what she has to hold over Todd and starts yelling out “Todd switched the babies” as Alexis walks in on them. Todd says he didn’t do it, but Alexis says Connie is a witness. Todd tells Alexis that Connie is “one clown short of a circus” and that her story would not hold up. Alexis then tells them that she knows Connie stole the book and threatens to sue Todd if his company publishes it.

Johnny meets with his lawyer, Diane, and he wants to tell her about the killing of Starr’s family. Johnny then tells her that it was not Connie who did it but actually him. He wants to turn himself in. Diane then asks him if he killed his grandfather also. Johnny gives her a knowing look but doesn’t cop to it. Diane tells him that he could be looking at life in prison. Johnny tells her that he doesn’t want to go to prison but wants Connie off his back. He then tells her that he will give up Todd Manning to the cops in exchange for a deal. Diane tells him that it would be a conflict of interest to represent him and Todd at the same. She recommends Johnny just keep his mouth shut for the time being. Johnny heads over to see Starr anyway.
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