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General Hospital Update for Friday, 21-Dec-2012

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Posting date: Tue, 25-Dec-2012 7:18:08 AM PDT

It's Christmas in Port Charles! And of course, what would it be without drama, drama, drama! What happened today? Let's see: Johnny will be out of commission for awhile, courtesy of Connie; Starr is on to Todd and wants to know what he's hiding THIS time; AJ and Tracy are doing their very best to woo Sam and best of all, LUCY's back in town!! And it looks like the Nurses' Ball is a go!!
Starting off at Johnny and Connie's penthouse, we see that Johnny is serious about confessing what he's done: killing Cole and Hope and his Grandfather. He's prepared to turn himself in but wants to level with Carly and tell her everything, finishing off with the reason he wound up marrying Connie.
Connie overhears him on the phone and gets scared; hitting her husband over the head with a glass bottle.
As he's laying passed out on the floor, the doorbell rings and it's Carly. She's responding to Johnny's call and wants to know what it's all about.
Connie meets her at the door and lies, saying that Johnny's "left the building". Carly sees through it and tells Connie that this isn't over.
Meanwhile, a scared Starr is trying to give Todd CPR. What she doesn't know is that Todd faked everything and isn't having a heart attack!
As he comes to, Starr figures it out and is furious at her Dad; demanding to know why he would do such a thing! Afterall, that's low--even for Todd!
Gradually, Starr realizes that Todd started his game as soon as he realized that she was having an important conversation with Johnny--and that for some reason, Todd didn't want her to hear what he had to say!
Sam is also having visitors this Christmas--of the unwanted variety. When the doorbell rang the first time, she told Danny that she hoped it was their Christmas miracle, and that Jason would be standing outside.
She couldn't be farther from the truth. It's Tracy, sporting a Santa hat and loaded with (bribery) gifts for Danny and Sam.
Sam's on to her and figures out that what Tracy REALLY wants is the 18 percent of ELQ shares she controls! (Ya think?)
She's just about to sign a proxy form for Tracy when the doorbell rings again. It's AJ and Michael--who want the same thing!
Sam is fedup and gives Tracy and AJ 9 percent each. "We're still tied!" Tracy sputters...Oh well!
Now for the best news: Lucy's back in town!!!!!!!!
Yes, the one, the only, Lucy Coe, Port Charles' own diva, who is now running CoeCoe Cosmetics, has arrived and is going to save the Nurses' Ball.
She had told Sabrina and Felix in New York City that she wasn't in a position to underwrite the ball. Sabrina was getting ready to tell Patrick that in front of Britt, when Felix jumped in and said that things were peachy and Lucy was going to do it.
Britt brought up the fact that Lucy's company was being investigated by the FTC and she was sure that "she didn't have two nickels to rub together", but Felix and Sabrina assured her that wasn't the case.
Sabrina decided that they couldn't lie and went back to Patrick to tell him--when Lucy saved her from an embarrassing situation by showing up in the nick of time! Loved seeing Britt's mouth open and close, GO SABRINA!! And GO LUCY!! (Welcome back, Lynn Herring--you have been MISSED!!).
All of this happened after Lucy broke into the Q Mansion (using the spare key of course), and almost got her face rearranged by Alice, but hey, that's another update...
Will Johnny get away from Connie? Will AJ and Tracy get the hint and leave Sam alone? And will Lucy stay around for a LONG time??? Stay tuned!
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