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General Hospital Update for Friday, 28-Dec-2012

Author: View Profile kscornell
Posting date: Tue, 01-Jan-2013 6:35:09 AM PDT

My last update for 2012! And if today was any indication, it was a wild and crazy year in the Chuckles!
Let's see: Johnny is "a little tied up" at the Haunted Star, thanks to Connie; Lucy's going to fund the Nurses' Ball by hook or by crook, and there's nothing that Britt can do about it; Tracy and AJ are still campaigning for Lucy's 1 percent of ELQ stock; Trey and Christina are moving to California--and Sonny and Alexis have to face facts and accept it; and Todd walked into his office to find Sam trying to crack his safe!
Starting off with Johnny, we see Connie fighting with Starr outside his office at the Haunted Star.
Connie definately wants Starr to stay out of the office, and as soon as Starr can get away from her and open the door, we see why: a bound and gagged Johnny is laying on the floor inside!
Starr isn't able to free him and promptly tries to call Michael as soon as Connie kicks her out. Connie figures that she would do that and runs after her. She grabs her and throws her on the floor in the office.
Starr is knocked out, with her phone next to her.
Connie throws Johnny into a garbage can and drives him into Port Charles, leaving Starr behind. Michael finds Starr later.
On to Lucy, and how much she's loving the fact that Tracy and AJ are trying to kiss up to her right now.
Tracy takes her shopping, buying her a whole new wardrobe before AJ catches them. AJ and Tracy are tra*****alking against each other and REALLY sucking up to Lucy for her ELQ stock when she tells them that there is something else she wants before she can commit.
We find out what that is at GH, when Lucy tells AJ and Tracy that what she REALLY wants is for ELQ to underwrite the Nurses' Ball--and only then will she decide where her stock is going!
This also happens in front of Patrick, Sabrina and Britt, who had been tearing Sabrina apart for not checking into Lucy's financial problems. Love to see Britt being taken down a notch! It was also nice to see Patrick defending her.
On to Trey and Christina, who are moving to California due to Trey's new job in the movie industry,
They go to the Boxing gym to break the news to Sonny and Alexis, who naturally are not thrilled. They come to reason finally and see that there is nothing they can't do to stop them from going. Everybody parts on good terms, and Sonny tells Alexis to block out the 10th, as that would be a good time for them to go out to California for a visit!
Finally, why is Sam trying to break into Todd's safe and why is Carly defending him to Sam?
Todd calls Security after he walks into his office and sees Sam trying to bust into the safe. She tells him that she's trying to find Molly's book, but Todd tells her that he doesn't have it.
Carly walks in and starts defending Todd, even though Sam points out that he had a hand in keeping Danny away from his parents for the last 8 months! (She's got a point....)
Anyway, Sam leaves and Todd winds up asking Carly out for New Year's Eve! She accepts!
How will Carly and Todd's date go? Will Johnny get away from Connie and come clean? Will Trey and Christina make it to California? Stay tuned!
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