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General Hospital Update for Friday, 4-Jan-2013

Author: View Profile kscornell
Posting date: Sun, 06-Jan-2013 6:47:13 AM PDT

2013 started with a bang in Port Charles! (at least for some couples, who all wound up in bed!) Others are dealing with a horrible traffic accident, where lives are hanging in the balance--and sadly, the truth has finally come out, and Starr's life will never be the same! One other thing: remember the couples who rang the New Year in in bed? Well it looks as if one of them will be tying the knot!!
Starting off, we see that Carly and Todd, Steve and Olivia, Dante and Lulu and Maxie and Spinelli (yes, Maxie and Spinelli), have all rung the New Year in with each other, and in the sack to boot!
Carly is doing her level best to put a damper on the mood by over-analyzing it, and even asks Todd if this means that they're together!
Maxie is using this opportunity with Spinelli to try and forget the fact that she's lost the baby and Olivia is in for a very pleasant surprise--as Steve presents her with an engagement ring!
Yes, Steve and Olivia are the couple who's going to be tying the knot! It was sweet to watch Steve propose to a crying Olivia, who naturally told him yes!
She goes over to Lulu's place to tell her, after Steve was called into GH to deal with the traffic accident.
The accident involved Trey and Christina, Michael and Starr, Connie and Johnny (who was in the trunk) and Ellie, who was standing in the middle of the road.
Everyone's OK, except for Ellie, who was hit pretty severely by Connie and Trey, who collapsed after being able to stand.
Starr and Michael try to help everyone and Michael is able to get Johnny out of the trunk. Starr finds Connie, who is barely hanging on to the edge of a cliff (guess she was thrown out of her vehicle).
Connie's hysterical, begging Starr to help her, but Starr's not sure she wants to do that, due to her thinking Connie helped kill Cole and Hope.
Johnny tells her that she's got it all wrong: HE was the one who shot out Anthony's tires, so he killed them!
Naturally, Starr is furious and slaps him! They then both try and help Trey--but Connie is trying to fly!
Johnny tries and talks some sense into his wife by saying "See that kid over there? He's your son and he could be dying!" This actually brought Connie around, I think.
Anyway, the ambulance, along with Dante, arrives and everyone's on their way to GH. Dante tells his crazy aunt to stay put, but no such luck.
Connie is able to sneak her way into GH and is actually watching the doctors work on Trey in the treatment room (standing behind Christina). Maybe Kate will come back? We can only hope.
Ellie? Sadly, she's also being worked on in a treatment room, and we see a doctor say that if she lives, she could have spinal injuries!!
Johnny? He manned up and told Dante at GH that he was the one who shot out Anthony's tires and he wanted to turn himself in. He also told Carly and Todd this and Carly is disgusted, saying that she regretted every moment she spent with him!
Will Trey and Ellie survive? Will Steve and Olivia tie the knot? Stay tuned!
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