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General Hospital Update for Friday, 11-Jan-2013

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Posting date: Sun, 13-Jan-2013 12:32:10 PM PDT

Today's episode was all about people trying to get out of their responsibilities. How so?
Connie, after telling everyone that she would sign the paperwork taking Trey off life support, beat feet and turned up at the Floating Rib, where she hooked up with an unlikely drinking buddy; Todd blabbed one too many times and now may pay the price for it, Carly also decided to drink herself silly at the Rib with a person who's FINALLY come back to town, and Liv had yet another vision--but this one is true!
Starting off with Connie, we're outside of Trey's hospital room, where a hospital staff member has just delivered the documents authorizing them to take Trey off life support. A devasted Christina has just discovered that Connie has disappeared and there is no way for her to sign them!
The "grieving mother" has wound up at the Floating Rib, where she offers to buy AJ a drink and tells Coleman (yep, he's BACK!!) to keep 'em coming!
As Connie and AJ start doing shots, Liv actually has a vision of her putting them away! Liv thinks she's confronting Connie, but it turns out that she's yelling at a confused hospital staff member. (She has no idea how on the money this vision is!)
Connie and AJ are getting chummy when Carly walks in. Of course, she's all over AJ for taking a drink and for Connie for not being at the hospital but partying it up with AJ.
Coleman sticks his two cents into it by remembering when AJ ran into the Oasis and how AJ's ex-wife actually worked as a stripper at his club to pay off the damage.
As Coleman sits with Carly as she's drowning her sorrows, Connie decides to end this walk down memory lane by grabbing AJ in a lip lock near the juke box--RIGHT in front of Sonny!!Ewww...
Todd? Oh he's blabbed again--and this time, RIGHT in front of John McBain!
McBain comes to see him while he's in his jail cell, and Todd has a deal for him: he will make sure that he's able to see his son Liam in Llanview. The only thing he has to do is get him out of jail! OR he will pay him a million dollars!!
As we all know, McBain's not stupid and promptly plays the tape he made off his cell phone of Todd making this deal, back to Todd!!
Todd is infuriated and realizes he's been had. He tries to get McBain's phone back, but no luck! Seems like Todd's goose is really cooked now!
Will Connie do the right thing and sign Trey's paperwork? Is Todd going down the river for the last time? Will Coleman stick around? Stay tuned!
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