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General Hospital Update for Friday, 25-Jan-2013

Author: View Profile kscornell
Posting date: Sun, 27-Jan-2013 6:47:08 AM PDT

What a Friday! We had corporate plotting with a bombshell thrown in for good measure, Christina going postal and Emma telling Britt exactly how she feels about her!! (and it WASN'T pretty, believe you me!)
Starting off with the corporate plotting part, AJ goes to the Metrocourt, where he's trying to convince Carly to swing his way and vote for him to run ELQ. (Not a chance!)
He tells Carly that not only does he have proof that Tracy used the Salidos' mob money to finance ELQ, which would put her in hot water anyway with the SEC, he's willing to bet that there's an extra Quartermaine heir who could break the tie: the only problem being that nobody knows who or where they are!
Carly is being very coy and lets on that she knows the identity of this person, but won't tell AJ and definately won't tell Ned, who was spying on them the whole time! (He even texted Traci about it, as SHE was trying to convince Sonny to break AJ's kneecaps!)
Michael was a bit more successful. He goes to visit Johnny in his jail cell and convinces him to give him proof of the Salido connection to ELQ, which can take Traci down in a heartbeat.
On to Christina, whose grief over Trey's death is hitting her hard. She tells Starr and Molly that Connie needs to pay for what she did--but Starr tells her that killing Connie won't bring Trey back and will just ruin her life forever. She admitted to her that she now knows that trying to kill Sonny was wrong and she is glad she didn't do it!
Starr convinces her to take a shower, change her clothes and then they will go to PCU to register for classes, as that would give Christina a goal.
However, Christina escapes and winds up at Connie's office, where she is attacking her with a baseball bat! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally, Britt and Emma. Britt has bought Emma a toy that Sabrina already got for her, which Emma points out.
When Britt asks her what other toys she likes and whether she has a problem with her, Emma looks her in the eye and says "I don't like you!!" Yay, Emma!! Kick her to the curb!!
Patrick was on the phone with a consult during this time (they were at Kelly's) and Britt goes down to Emma's level and says "Guess what, sister: I don't like you either!!" What a witch!!
Britt leaves her at the table while she goes to the bathroom, but when she comes out, Emma is missing!Where's Emma?????
Will Patrick finally see thru Dr. Bitc__, er Dr. Britt? Will they find Emma safe? Who is the mysterious Quartermaine heir? Who will be ELQ CEO? Stay tuned!
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