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General Hospital Update for Friday, 8-Feb-2013

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Posting date: Sun, 10-Feb-2013 6:26:57 AM PDT

Have the vampires returned? Not if Lucy has anything to say about it! ELQ might be saved, with help from an unexpected source; Todd and Carly almost get lovey-dovey and there might REALLY be another Quartermaine heir! Busy Friday!
Starting off with the vampires, we see Lucy kneeling over the body of a cop at the PCPD when Anna finds them. Lucy points a gun at her and tells Anna that she's just there to pick up Rafe and then she'll be on her way.
Anna agrees to take Lucy down to lockup, and walks in front of her, so Lucy can point a gun at her back.
Everyone's stunned when they come upon an empty cell! Where could Rafe be?
It turns out that Caleb, posing as McBain, asked him to go with him to the crime scene, so they could pick up more clues. He took along Officer Carlson, to put Rafe's mind at ease.
Once they got to the piers, Caleb asked Rafe how his mother was killed--and fatally stabbed Carlson in the process! A horrified Rafe gets away from him--after Caleb told him that he was his father and the plan was that they were going to get on a boat to go home!
Lucy? Anna was able to lure her into the cell and promptly handcuffed her to the cell door! Uh-ohhhhh......
On to the troubles at ELQ. Duke met with ELQ creditors and investors and reported to AJ that he got nowhere. Company assets are still frozen and bills are still due. Things are looking dire and closing is a real possibility.
Michael suggests pulling files to see what worked when their backs were against the wall before--and Duke starts researching.
Both Lucy and Duke hit on the same idea--Pickle Lila!! Yes, there is one jar of Lila's famous relish left, and Tracy's got it! Now all someone has to do is find the recipe and they're in business--but who's going to find it: Team Tracy or Team AJ?
The mysterious Quartermaine heir? Luke was able to get some clues out of Carly (after threatening to blackmail her after finding her with Todd). Turns out that the mysterious heir could be Franco's daughter, but noone knows how to track her down. This will probably be another job for Luke, I would imagine.
Finally, Todd and Carly. She tells Todd that it got a little too close for her with Luke, and she can't be hauled in for aiding and abetting a known fugitive, so he's going to have to go.
Todd tells Carly that he has real feelings for her and wants her to go away with him. They almost kiss when Carly tells him he has to leave.
Will Pickle Lila save the day again? Will Franco's daughter be found? Will Rafe be safe? Stay tuned!
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