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General Hospital Update for Wednesday, 13-Feb-2013

Author: jackie
Posting date: Wed, 13-Feb-2013 5:12:51 PM PDT

As much as this fan hates to say it: I am a little burned out watching Mc Bain treated like Caleb ,the vampire.I guess Lucy is not so zany after all. John and Caleb may be mirror images of each other, but Mc Bain is not a killer. Lovely Sam is trying to help free John. She visits him in prison to decide on an escape for him.In the meantime, Look-alike ,evil Vampire Caleb is visiting with Professor Mossey. John had visited this historian of vampire knowledge. As Caleb learns that the prof sees his pic in the paper, he kills the sweet octogenarian.What a waste! Miss Sam is on her way to see him too.
Rafe is hiding under Molly's bed in her bedroom. Alexis has visited her as He hides. Alexis wants to know why she had locked the door.oops Molly is a trusting soul. BY accident,she gets a NAKED eyeful of Rafe after his shower,but she handles this with aplomb.While Molly prepares food for them,Heather enters to take little Danny. Rafe has been holding him and reminising about his deceased mom. He is sooooooo cute.I can see fireworks as Molly seems to be into Rafe.
At one time,Heather and Todd are hiding on the waterfront as homeless people. She and He are a riot together.I think comedy is Todd's forte.He cracks me up.Those two together can make anyone laugh.I like the new humor on GH.
Poor Sabrina thinks that she killed the policeman whom she fought to save. Maxie pulled a nasty on meds which makes Sabrina look guilty of having administered the wrong medicine.Of course,Dr Bi.. must have changed the autopsy report so Sabrina may be axed. tis a shame because as Patrick says : " She is a good nurse." He begs Steve not to ruin her chances of becoming a full fledged nurse. I wonder how much deeper Maxie will go with her lies, etc.It is time for Maxie to do something honorable.
Lucy apologizes to Kevin for his being hit on the head. She repeats her concern for Rafe. She thinks that Caleb will kill him if he does not consent to go with him. Prof Mosser has told Caleb that the one who possesses the RINg has power,and that he will seek revenge.This seems to be this villain's sole aim.
As today's exciting story ends, Sam is outside Prof Mosser's door knocking. Naturally, the prof has met his cold demise and Caleb is lurking in the darkness within.Why is Heather taking Danny? Will Caleb hurt Sam? Will Maxie refrain from being deceptive? Will Mc Bain be found innocent of this horrendous crime?
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