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General Hospital Update for Friday, 22-Feb-2013

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Posting date: Sun, 24-Feb-2013 6:23:10 AM PDT

Happy Bombshell Friday! At least it was for Lulu! What else happened today? John McBain has discovered Caleb's true identity (we think), Molly's grounded till she's 60 (we also think), Kate has to learn how Trey died and Luke confides in Tracy. Busy day!!
Let's get to the bombshells! Kate has to deal with the saddest one. She wakes up at Olivia's place and tells her cousin that she now knows that yes, Trey is her son and she needs to see him ASAP.
As she prepares to drive over to his apartment and opens the door to walk out, she sees Sonny in the doorway.
He and Olivia guide her back to the couch, where they gently tell her that no, she can't see Trey, because he's dead.
Kate has to process this information and asks how it happened. She's stunned to find out about the accident and how Johnny, not her, killed Cole and Hope. Kate blurts out "So I didn't kill Starr's child, but I killed my own?"
The only good thing in this whole mess was that Connie didn't resurface. Maybe Kate is getting stronger?
On to Lulu's bombshell. She finds out from Scottie that he and Laura are engaged! Lulu is hurt that she didn't hear this directly from Laura and lets her mother know.
She's upset, because as we know, there's no love lost between her and Scottie. Laura and Lulu talk privately and Laura tries to justify why she would say yes to him, explaining that they weren't engaged when she returned to Port Charles. When she said that, Lulu figured out that she probably said yes after she saw Luke and Anna kissing, which Laura didn't deny.
Luke, on the other hand, is busy telling Tracy how disgusted he is that Scottie is marrying Laura and how the wedding can't happen, blah blah.
Tracy calls him on his garbage and tells him that obviously, he still cares about Laura, or why would he be so upset that she's marry Scott? (duh...)
On to Molly, who is SOOOO busted...As we know, she was the one who let McBain, Rafe and Lucy out of their jail cells, so they could find Caleb, so she's now in lockup at the PCPD.
Alexis, who is not thrilled to see ANOTHER member of her family in the slammer (maybe she could get a family membership?), tears Molly a new one!
Molly tells her mother that the only reason she did it was because she thought they were the only ones who could find Sam and Danny, and she knew that Alexis would have done the same thing! (True...)
Anyway, McBain, Lucy and Rafe wind up at the PCPD, where they break into the office of the professor that Caleb murdered.
McBain gets on his computer, and learns that Caleb is actually Steven Clay, a troubled rocker who started believing he was a vampire after his wife died and who is now wanted for the murders of seven people.
He shows Rafe and Lucy a website showing Clay ( a dead ringer for McBain) and a picture of his wife ( a dead ringer for Sam!)
They also find information on the coat of arms that is on the ring that Caleb always wears, which is interesting.
Is Caleb really Steven Clay? Where are Sam and Danny? Will Scott and Laura tie the knott? Again? Stay tuned!
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