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General Hospital Update for Wednesday, 20-Mar-2013

Author: jackie
Posting date: Wed, 20-Mar-2013 2:59:22 PM PDT

It's Spring time in Port Charles and strange things are going on. Of course, the plot thickens as this fan wonders if Laura will marry Scott.LuLu tries to tell Luke that her mom is still in love with him. She pleads with him to stop this fiasco of a quick wedding at the courthouse. Laura is taken back because Scott and Lucy have prepared for their union. She wants to know why he did not plan this todo with her.While Luke and Miss LuLu are debating the issue, Lucy is sweet talking her Kevin to stand in as best man. He highly objects,but cute Lucy wins him over with her baby-like charm.HA Luke tells Lu that he will always care for her mother.. Yet, he adds " Our lives have taken us in a new direction."LuLu finally says that Laura needs him. Soooooo When Laura does confront Scott with : " Why the Rush questions". Scott tries to convince her that they both love each other so why wait. Laura says : " Well, I have no clothes, no flowers, etc. Scott then reassures her that Lucy is taking care of everything. Then, Laura really does slam Lucy. This goes on until Scott asks her if her not wanting to marry asap has anything to do with Luke.Laura learns that Scottie has known about Anna's break from Luke for weeks. She is upset because he has lied to her.Laura asked :" Haven't we learned enough from past mistakes to be honest with each other.?" Tis a good question! Finally, Laura agrees to marry Scott sooooo preparations are put into place. Yet, here comes MR Luke darting through the door. What is he up to? ;-)
In the meantime Sam and Carly discuss ending things with Todd and John. They both actually pour out their hearts to each other. Can this be friendship? I think that John and Sam were a little afraid to become more intimate.Carly just thinks that she would destroy the rest of her life by taking Todd back. This fan is most curious as to why John, Todd, and Starr left town today.Why now?
Olivia is taken to the ER because she almost passed out .The image of the teddy bear that has a ticking clock was seen by her in ER. Also, the ticking bear grew louder as LuLU playfully tossed it around at home. Finally, she investigated it and passed out. Luke had left ...so, What's up with this ticking teddy ?Why is Olivia still seeing these images? Patrick says that she is dehydrated and has not eaten much.She is pining for Steve,but something is still not right with her.
It was kind of a Father-Daughter day as Todd and Starr talked, as well as, Luke and LuLu. Please tune in tomorrow to see if Lu's ok and if Luke plans to stop this wedding.

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