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General Hospital Update for Friday, 22-Mar-2013

Author: View Profile kscornell
Posting date: Sun, 24-Mar-2013 3:02:40 PM PDT

Today's episode had everything: bombshells, because after all, it IS Bombshell Friday, happy endings; beloved characters coming back and potential tragedy!! Wow, I'm getting tired just typing this!
Let's start with the happy stuff: Sabrina and Felix are GRADUATING!!!!!!!! They're busy picking up their gowns and are looking forward to the ceremony, when there's suddenly a cloud on the horizon: Britt the bitch!!
She comes hobbling in on her crutches and is amazed that Sabrina is graduating. She's stunned when Epiphany tells her that she's got a report from a private investigator proving that the Bitch's finger prints were not only all over Sabrina's locker, but they were all over the copy of the final exam found in Sabrina's locker!! Can we say SEE ya Dr. Britt??
Britt tries to get all arrogant on Epiphany, but she's messing with the wrong nurse. She says "I don't want to pull rank on you, but..." (WTF?? In any hospital, they have compliance rules where NOONE can do that type of behavior!!)
Epiphany's on her way to see Monica, who I am sure, will be having Britt do the perp walk to her car, escorted by Security.
Anyway, Sabrina invited Patrick and Emma to the ceremony. Liz brought Emma, but Patrick begged off. (Chicken...)
Back to Britt in a minute. Here's the sad stuff: Lulu has been kidnapped from her home!! Luke and Laura have united, but Luke still wants to fight Scotty, to Laura's dismay.
They're over at Dante and Lulu's apartment, which has been taken over by the PCPD as a command center.
Lucy and Scott are passing out flyers with Lulu's picture on it in the park. Lucy passes out a flyer to one woman in a dark hat and glasses, who turns out to be that creepy doctor from the Swiss clinic!!
And it's even creepier. After Lucy leaves, we hear "Hello, Mother", FROM BRITT!!!!!!!!! Can we say BOMBSHELL!!
So my gut feeling is that Lulu is at that creepy clinic, and hopefully she runs into Robin??
Characters that came back today? They came back to support Luke and Laura--and it was so nice to see Nicholas, who gave his mother Laura a hug--and BOBBIE!! Welcome BACK Jackie Zeman, we have missed you so much!!
Will Britt sail down the river and will we see it? Will Lulu be found? Stay tuned!
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