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General Hospital Update for Friday, 5-Apr-2013

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Posting date: Sun, 07-Apr-2013 6:34:05 PM PDT

"Welcome to the Nurses' Ball" rang out at the Metrocourt today as GH's nurses welcomed everyone to the 2013 Nurses' Ball! And what a night it's already been!
Let's see: so far, Patrick and Sabrina have kissed (YAY!!), Spinelli and Ellie had a charming number set to "She blinded me with science" (LOVED it), Sam and Max from Dancing with the Stars jived (could just hear Bruno from that show raving) and Frisco sang "All I Need" to Felicia--AND PROPOSED!! Wow, what else is going to happen??
Anyway, this magical night started with everyone taking a turn on the red carpet. There were some surprises there: Carly and Sonny coming together and Brenda flying solo for starters!
It only got better from there. The fur soon started flying between Brenda and Carly, who were seated at the same table!! (WHY??) Anyway, Brenda threw something at Carly's head and you know what happened next...
Sean was able to break up this dynamic duo as the entertainment began!
Patrick and Sabrina? They were late getting to the red carpet, as Patrick was swept off his feet by Sabrina's makeover.
He told her that yes, he INDEED had feelings for her, AND THEY KISSED!!!
Patrick sat down with Noah, Anna and Emma, and Emma noticed that her dad had lipstick on his collar. "Looks like you found that girl." Noah winked at his son....
After the nurses' opening number (and they were led as a group by Epiphany), the fun continued with a darling number by Spinelli and Ellie; accompanied by a troupe of dancing scientists in labcoats! Who knew that Spinelli was such a good singer?
Sam and Max (going as Anton) from Dancing with the Stars were next and they sizzled with a jive. You really could see why Kelly Monaco was a finalist last season!
Forgot to mention the other backstory of the night: Mac and Frisco fighting for Felicia.
Mac did his ventriloquist act with his dummy Mr. Marbles and got in a few subtle digs against Frisco in the process. Not good!
Frisco fought back by singing his one hit from the eighties: "All I Need" directly to Felicia. (Was it the 80's or 90's?). Anyway, HE finished off with a proposal on stage!! What will Felicia say?
This episode has a Part 2. Tune in Monday to see if GH tops it!
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