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General Hospital Update for Tuesday, 9-Apr-2013

Author: jackie
Posting date: Tue, 09-Apr-2013 2:09:42 PM PDT

A gigantic Congrats to our beloved soap General Hospital for its 50th. anniversary! Wow! It is moving right on with its entertainment, educational pursuits, etc. this fan of many years has loved seeing some of the older cast return to GH.Lucy Coe has done a spectacular job with The Nurses' Ball. I never realized how much talent we have on this soap.
As the ball progresses with such talented skits, dances, songs, etc. Dr Britt Westmoreland makes her appearance.In fact, her mom,an evil one, has prompted her.Unless I heard wrong,the evil Faison is her dad. Any way, She takes the stage with Patrick and Emma as Patrick is paying homage to his beloved wife Robin.This tormented Doc announces that she is pregnant with Patrick's baby. It is a humiliating scene as Sabrina walks on to tell Britt what she thinks. Patrick takes Britt aside to discuss the issue. He tells her : " You disgust me and we will never get back together." After all, She trashed Emma badly.Sooooooo one wonders if this is truly Patrick's child..I thought that Robin was returning sooooooooo.
Speaking of babies, Ellie eavesdrops on Maxie. Maxie and her dad discussed " Her secret as to the child." Then, Ellie started to quiz Maxie. Spinelli stepped in to defend Maxie. This fan feels that the truth should be told for all members of this fiasco. Yet, LuLu is still missing.and that's enough for Dante to deal with now.
Lucy's gowns are amazing! She deserved the warm applause and red roses for her dedicated, diligent work.Putting together a gala of that nature is not easy. I enjoyed Molly and AJ's Rock rendition today.Molly can really sing. Epiphany truly has a lovely, strong voice so I really enjoyed her singing with the Revelations. Would you believe that Monica and Tracy struted their stuff too? It was a fascinating number.It was good to see Sam dancing with Max from "Dancing With THe Stars". What about the great tango Duke and Anna did? Gee! They were so lithe.Little Emma was precious as she listened to Patrick and Sabrina sing"You're Not Alone." I am sure that Patrick did what he could to diffuse the situation about the pregnancy story. However, Emma said : " I never want Britt to be my mother." That's a lot for Emma to digest.It is no telling how the Patrick-Sabrina story will develop.Well, that's about it for today. As Lucy said :" the Nurses' Ball-gala was indeed a blast with too many talented people to name.
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