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General Hospital Update for Friday, 12-Apr-2013

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Posting date: Sun, 14-Apr-2013 6:20:03 AM PDT

Tragedy is around the corner--or is it? Luke, Laura and Dante have found Lulu, but is it too late? Maxie is wondering what would happen to the baby she's carrying if Lulu and Dante don't make it back to Port Charles and a whole lot of people in the city are talking about the drama unfolding on the Haunted Star. Busy day!
Starting off, we see that Sonny and Olivia are getting bad news from Anna: that the WSB has confirmed that three bodies were tossed from the Haunted Star; one of them with the height and build of Dante!
Olivia is starting to fall apart, and Sonny comforts her by telling her that they haven't confirmed things yet, so there's still a chance that Dante could be saved.
We then move to the Haunted Star, where Dante has located Lulu! She's actually frozen in an ice chamber on board (creepy!) and Dante is frantically trying to find his way in.
Luke and Laura are trying to get thru Stavros' dinner from hell on a higher level of the ship and finally find out from Stavros that she is frozen!
They race to the ice chamber and join Dante, who is frantically trying to revive Lulu. They get her out of the lab, and lock Stavros in it; flipping the button to bring the temp down.
Back in Port Charles, Nicholas makes Alexis go to Anna with the information he's got about Stavros' plan and Sonny and Olivia get updated info.
Anna also tells Alexis that Helena's body was identified (which Alexis is in denial over) and Ethan Lovett was also identified, but he was able to swim to another ship, so he survived. No other information is available.
Maxie and Mac? They're at the Floating Rib, talking about Dante and Lulu, and what could happen to the baby.
Mac tells Maxie that she's got no connection to the baby, so it would be up to the grandparents to make the decisions, but it looks like Maxie is going to blurt the truth--or come realllly close to it!
Will everyone come back from Cassidine island? Will Maxie blab? Stay tuned!
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