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General Hospital Update for Friday, 10-May-2013

Author: View Profile kscornell
Posting date: Sat, 18-May-2013 8:39:30 AM PDT

Is honesty REALLY the best policy? After today's episode, I wouldn't blame you if you disagreed!
Let's see: TJ comes clean about punching Rafe and loses a prom date in the process; Morgan surfaces and gets his face rearranged and Nicholas moves mountains to keep Tracy off The Chew! But as usual, Tracy finds a way to get around it!
Starting off with TJ, we see him waiting for Molly at Kelly's. He's got Molly's cell phone with him and she gratefully thanks him for rescuing it. Little does she know that he used it to lure Rafe into a trap!
He deletes the texts in question before handing it over to her. TJ is getting ready to come clean with Molly about Rafe, when Rafe shows up, black eye and all.
Rafe lies to Molly and tells her that some boys at his group home did it, when TJ steps up and confesses to his girlfriend that it was him.
Molly is shocked, and tells TJ that he can find another prom date! What TJ doesn't know is that as soon as Sam finishes with Carly (on to that later), she's heading over to Kelly's to talk with Shawn about the situation! Uh-oh...
On to Morgan. He's still staying at Ava Jerome's and doesn't have a clue that Sonny, Carly and Michael are frantically trying to find him.
Ava gently talks him into at least going thru his voicemails and at least letting his family know he's OK.
Carly and Michael have gotten hold of his chat texts on his gambling site and are trying to find the person who calls herself "Jerome Around the World" on the site, because there are indications that he is hiding with her! (Ava Jerome).
While this is happening, Morgan has called Michael, Carly has approached Sam to take the case (she texted Morgan posing as Ava)and thugs have busted into Ava's place to rearrange Morgan's face! Not good...
Finally, we are on the set of The Chew, where the big Relish War is due to go down. AJ and Elizabeth are there, but no trace of Nicholas and Tracy.
What they don't know is that Nicholas hired two goons to guard Tracy at her hotel room and make sure she didn't leave!
What Nicholas (who made it to the set) doesn't know is that we heard a crash and the two goons were knocked flat! By what, I don't know! Anyway, Tracy sees the opportunity and is out of there faster than you can say "Pickle Eddie!"
Who will win Relish Wars? Will Mollie make up with TJ? And where does Rafe fit? What will happen to Morgan? Stay tuned!
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