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General Hospital Update for Friday, 5-Jul-2013

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Posting date: Sun, 07-Jul-2013 1:18:09 PM PDT

Lots of drama under the fireworks today! What happened? Brit proved to Emma why she's the wicked britch of the west; Kiki and Morgan got caught in a kinki wicket; Milo and Sonny said good-bye and it wasn't so bad, while Sonny and Olivia grew closer. Almost forgot to mention that AJ and Liz definately got closer under the fireworks, while Shawn and Alexis said good-bye! Busy day!
Starting off with the Britch, we see the Scorpio-Drakes enjoying a 4th of July picnic. Everyone's there: Mac and Felicia, Emma, Patrick and Sabrina. Emma's even making peace with the doll that Mac and Felicia bought her. (remember she said she hated it?)
Noone's ready for the Britch to crash the party--but crash the party she did!
Sabrina talks Emma into making the best of it, and Emma even goes over to Britt to ask her if she wants to hold Ariel, her doll! As Britt was holding her, Ariel had a wet bottom (get used to it, honey!) and Britt threw her out of her lap.
Unfortunately, Ariel landed on the grill! Wicked Britch of the West!
As this was going on, Michael paid a visit to Kiki to ask her about being tested as a bone marrow donor for Danny.
Was he shocked to see Kiki tied to the bed with an open shirt! (Yep, you could see her bra!!)
Michael was trying to hide it, but you could see he was turned on! Anyway, Morgan showed up and immediately assumed the worst, but Michael told them both about Danny.
On to Sonny. The Fourth of July for Sonny meant a resignation from Milo, (Yes, he took Lucy's job offer and he's going to be the Fitness Director at Deception!) and romance with Olivia, whom he kissed under the fireworks. And will there ever be fireworks when Connie finds out!
Shawn and Alexis said good-bye under the fireworks, because Shawn did not quit his job with Sonny. Sonny told Alexis that one thing that Milo told Sonny hit home with him: that he (Shawn) was born to work for Sonny, and Shawn said he agreed with that because he wanted to keep his loved ones safe.
Finally, Liz and AJ, who after their picnic under the stars, definately got cozy. What they didn't know is that Nicholas and Spencer were watching--before they invited Britt to watch fireworks with them! Interesting....
What will happen with Nicholas and Britt? Will Emma get a new doll? Will AJ and Liz have a future this time? Stay tuned!
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