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General Hospital Update for Monday, 8-Jul-2013

Author: jackie
Posting date: Mon, 08-Jul-2013 1:40:09 PM PDT

Dreams and Doubts took place on GH today.Those fireworks aren't going anywhere in Port Charles,NY. Ellie is sleeping with Spinelli and she blurts out: " I am sorry." Of course, curious Spinelli asks: " Ellie, Why are you sorry?" She just tells him that she does not ever want to hurt him. Later, she hears LuLU and Dante discussing baby names for their little girl-to-come. She feels the guilt again. It's time for our Maxie to tell the truth and what if Lu could get pg from all the loving moments with her sweet husband Dante? That would be like a dream come true. LU even dreamed that someone had taken her newborn babe.
KiKI had an erotic dream about her cousin Michael. What if Michael and she find out that they are not first cousins. Wow! I do not like Morgan because he is so self absorbed and immature.( I guess this makes him a good actor). Michael does kiss Kiki at the hospital. She and he go to get tested as possible donors for little Danny. In fact, Ava looks a little strange when she learns that Kiki will be tested. WHY? She makes the mistake of giving Morgan her credit card to buy kiKi a nice gift. I bet Morgan went wild with it,as he did with Michael's card.Ava assures Morgan that she is behind him since he declared his love for her daughter.Sonny needs to spend more time with Morgan.He needs some parental love. ;-)
Olivia is still recuperating at Sonny's.He is so good to her. He does kiss her twice,but she kind of pulls away.This handsome guy is beginning to get closer to Olivia. Connie has a right to get jealous. Connie opens up to share her torn feelings with Maxie. Maxie tells her not to let go of him if she still loves him. Maxie adds that she did this with Spinelli which she now regrets. She still loves Spinelli.In a perfect soap.. Spinelli and Maxie will re-unite as Ellie lets go.HA
Olivia probes and asks Sonny what the kiss between them meant as they celebrated the 4th. Sonny tells her that he is not sure,but that he needs to move forward.
He feels comfortable with Olivia. Hasn't she always loved him? Me thinks so.
Lovely, scared Sam dreams that Dr Clay tells her that there are no matches in bone marrow for sick Danny. Then, she runs into the cute, curt Dr. Dr Silas tells her that he has fired her oncology doc and he will help Danny. Sam is rather surprised.I think Sam has ambivalent feelings towards Silas.Please give him a chance,Sam. ;-)Ava is an Enigma to me but this fan likes her. She runs into Silas at the hospital while she is looking for KiKi. She knows him,but how?? This fan does not think Franco is dad to KiKi. One leaves you other fans with these thoughts : Will the truth be told about Spinelli's baby girl? Will Lu and Dante have their own child? Will Luke be saved? Will Danny have a bone marrow transplant? Will Sonny and Olivia really love each other now or will Connie step bravely back into his life? WIll KiKI and Michael usurp Morgan's plans for them? Please remember to follow these promising,potent story lines.
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