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General Hospital Update for Tuesday, 3-Sep-2013

Author: jackie
Posting date: Tue, 03-Sep-2013 2:39:22 PM PDT

Deception and some truth lead to intriguing moments today on General hospital. To be honest, I thought the truth about Maxie and Spinelli's baby would be told today. Yet, Spinelli and Maxie could simply not utter the truth. The truth needs to be told no matter what the consequences are. Neither Spinelli nor Maxie can quite relay the truth. SOooooo the deception goes on. Surely. Lulu and Dante are not this gullible..so I guess they will figure this whole sad debacle out. Maxie asks Spinelli" When will these lies ever end?" Spinelli says: "your lie,Maxie." IT's a bad situation for all involved. Spinelli adds : " She's not our baby girl." Of course, Maxie tells him "She is ours, we made her."( Our Maxie in reality is pregnant so this fan wishes her the best).This event today was emotionally charged because both are making a mistake.
Handsome Derick/ Julian hugs his daughter Sam lovingly as she thanks him for saving sweet Danny. She tells him that she has nil to give him. Sooooo he asks if he can play a role in their lives. He seems to enjoy being with Alexis and Sam. In fact, Alexis looks at him, and I think she wonders if he is Julian. Finally. Sam and Silas share a tender kiss. Yea! This fan was waiting for them to connect.Preparations are in the making for the bone transplant.
In the meantime, one person Britt reveals the truth and nothing but the truth to one angry, emotional Patrick. He had threatened to get full custody of his baby boy.Yet, Britt told him once more, " YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER."Seeing red, Patrick who is clearly volatile asks her who the dad is.. She finally tells him that it's Brad,but not through a sexual encounter. Her devious Mom planned it all. I have never seen Patrick this fired up.A teary-eyed Patrick tells her that he had fallen in love with that little boy. How deceptive can one be? Just as Felix and Brad were about to kiss, Patrick whacked Brad pretty hard. He is raging.. In fact, Good ole Nic stepped in prior to this incident to send Patrick on his way. One can understand his sadness and anger.
A.J. is in big trouble.Of course, sadly enough,he was inebriated the night Connie was killed.He does not remember anything. Michael has stuck by AJ while Diane has asked AJ to remain silent with details. Anna is on the warpath to get to the truth. There's that word again.;-)Diane, being the excellent lawyer she is, tells Anna that she has nil to hold him in jail;however.Morgan finds the gun near the deck at the Quartermaine's home.After analysis, Anna tells AJ that his finger prints match those on this weapon.She arrests him much to Michael and Diane's chagrin.KiKi had begged Morgan not to call the police,but he did.Here's a married couple who is living another lie.What were they thinking?
Brad tells Felix that he is in love with him. He adds that Felix has not given him the time of day. Yet, he pushes for some kind of relationship even after Felix calls him a jerk.Please stay tuned to see what happens in these different explosive scenarios.
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