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General Hospital Update for Friday, 6-Sep-2013

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Posting date: Sun, 15-Sep-2013 8:08:44 AM PDT

Not too many bombshells today--but cliffhangers? That's a different story! Let's see: Britt FINALLY goes into labor (that poor thing has looked like she's going to have a Buick, lol)--and you'll never guess who was with her; Patrick breaks the news to Emma that no, she's not going to have a baby brother after all; Diane's latest courtroom dramatics look like they actually might work after all for Franco, and will Sonny end it all in his grief over Connie? Only Olivia knows where this will happen! Almost forgot to mention that AJ pled not guilty to Connie's murder and was thrilled to see Liz in the courtroom!
Starting off in court, which is so busy I'm suprised the defendants don't have to take numbers, AJ is being arraigned for Connie's murder. He had told Diane and Michael that he was going to plead guilty over their objections--but changes his mind when he sees Liz in the courtroom. (She had come after Michael had called her).
After it was over, the baliff let him speak with Liz for a moment. Liz was able to tell him that she wasn't there for him when they took AJ back to his cell. Wonder what that was all about?
Anyway, on to the next trial: Franco's. Diane tells the judge that she will show who (or in this case what) is responsible for HIS crimes--and takes his TUMOR out of a bag!!!!
Yep, it's his tumor, pickled in a jar!! Ewwww..anyway, the Judge is starting to wonder. She asks if there are any victims present who can testify, and of course Carly opens her piehole and offers!
Carly says that yes, she thinks Franco has changed for the better, but she still won't trust him around her kids!
Court is adjourned and Diane tells Carly that she might have just bought Franco a one-way ticket to Pentonville!
On to the Floating Rib, where a distraught Sonny is sitting on the floor with a gun, thinking about ending it all so he can be with Connie.
He picks up the gun to do the deed, when suddenly, there is another hand on it: Connie's! Back from the dead, she convinces him to say their wedding vows at an altar in the bar, before fading away, looking beautiful in a wedding dress.
While this is going on, a frantic Olivia is waiting with Kiki for any news at all from Dante, Morgan and Michael, who are looking for Sonny.
She freaks out when she has a vision of Kiki wearing Connie's wedding dress, and realizes that she now knows where Sonny went. She tells Kiki that she has to go--and I hope it's to the Rib!!
Well it's about time for Brit the bitch and Brad the Dad to have their baby, don't ya think? Sabrina has gone to Windemere to have it out with the Britch one last time--but doesn't know that contractions have started!
She's not buying that it's the real thing--but when Nick comes home, he sees the Britch on the floor covered with a blanket, being attended to by Sabrina, so I think things have started!
And finally, Patrick has broken the news to Emma that she will NOT be having a little brother after all! Emma, showing that she's smarter than most of the adults in Port Charles, seems like she's relieved!
Will Brit's labor go well? And as if she says, Brad's not her baby daddy then WHO IS?? Will Sonny survive his latest bout with grief? And will Olivia catch him in time? Stay tuned!
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