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General Hospital Update for Thursday, 7-Aug-2014

Author: jackie
Posting date: Thu, 07-Aug-2014 4:14:52 PM PDT

Our fair Robin is back ,and I feel a little uneasy for her. She is in a dangerous quandary with one of the evil Cassadines.She is warned by him to finish what she has started.Of course, she is trying to revive Jason. He is in something like an iron lung machine.

Yesterday, Patrick discovered Robin at a hospital-Science Lab. He was furious to find that she was so close by because she had not come to see him and Emma. He is ranting about Jason when Robin says : " Jason is dead". She tells him that she must continue to experiment with corpses. OH ME! DR. Patrick, in essence, tells her that he will file for a divorce. The last words Robin utters is: " I will always love you."In the meantime, our brave Sam is trying to escape the guy who is in control. The fans know that Sam was looking for the dope on Nina. Nina was there sooooooooo.Yet, Sam did not get to see Nina's file.( More mystery)

Later Patrick and Sam discuss what had taken place, but a visibly shaken Patrick does not tell Sam about Robin.It's another sad time for Patrick.Later, Cassadine warns Robin about keeping Patrick, Sam, and others in the dark. In fact, it was this evil guy who paid Rafe to run Patrick and them off the road.it's an eerie situation as Robin says : " I hated to see the way Patrick looked at me."
Molly did tell Silas about Rafe's last words before the accident. She also tells him that she wishes Sam and he would reconcile.Silas tells her that" it's not in the stars". Nina is atill lurking..Will she ever reveal her true self ?
It was, indeed, a heated scene between Alexis and Julian. Alexis is furious with him when she realizes that he is still "a mob guy".She tells him :" You lied to me."She is questioning him as to why Jordan said that she had killed Mickey Diamond.There were fireworks and then Julian kissed her.She melted.It was one steamy scene.HA She finally told Julian that she loved him but.. she had to keep her family safe. He said :" We can work this out." ( this fan wants them to be together.)Alexis is one adamant person regardless of her love for Julian soooooooo.I guess this love affair is over.

The positive news is that Alice is going to receive Mickey's heart. His sister Selma comes to talk to them,sign papers, etc. Alice is so thankful . Those young people have been pulling for her.Morgan, Kiki, and Michael have stood by her hospital bed for days.Alice is very dear to them.As today's scenario ends, we learn that some generous soul paid Selma to play the " Sister role." Guess who?
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