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General Hospital Update for Friday, 8-Aug-2014

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Posting date: Mon, 01-Sep-2014 8:49:07 AM PDT

The truth about Levi could be coming out--or will it? Nathan tells Mac how he really feels about Maxie and the Falconeris decide to make a sister or brother for Rocco! Busy day!
Almost forgot to mention that Franco tells Nina the goods on Sonny and Carly and Ava have a "tete a tete"at Ava's penthouse!
Starting off at the Haunted Star, we see Maxie and Felicia preparing for Maxie's wedding to Levi.
Maxie models her wedding dress, and naturally looks stunning. Levi knocks on the door of their stateroom and Maxie put a robe over her dress in the knick of time.
Levi admired Felicia's Aztec jewelry and Maxie noticed her necklace was missing. Felicia explained that she gave it to a photographer from the Port Charles Herald, to get his camera with incriminating photos of a friend. (Lucy). Felicia then gave Maxie her Aztec ring as a wedding gift, which was a nice moment.
Levi? He excused himself, saying he had to try on his tuxedo--but later at the PCPD, that photographer came running in, demanding to speak to a beat cop because his house was robbed and the necklace was stolen!! Just sayin'...
Of course, Nathan was the detective who took the report--AFTER he opened up to Mac about having feelings for Maxie!!
Lulu's also at the PCPD, to bring Dante good news. Her labs are back, and she's been given the green light to get pregnant! Dante and Lulu decide to start as soon as possible and leave to start making babies...
Over at GH, Franco is having a harsh conversation with Sonny when Nina wheels out. AfterSonny leaves, Franco attempts to clue Nina in on the complicated relationship between Carly and Sonny.
Carly? She paid a visit to Ava's penthouse, telling her that she was far enough along for a paternity test--and she would take her to GH personally!
Naturally Ava had something to say about that--and it didn't happen.
Will Maxie and Levi tie the knot, or will Nathan break it up ?We HOPE!!
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