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General Hospital Update for Friday, 15-Aug-2014

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Posting date: Sun, 17-Aug-2014 7:12:02 PM PDT

Summer is coming to a sizzling conclusion in Port Charles! What happened today? To quote Arrowsmith, Franco and Nina aren't finding "Love in an Elevator"; Carly and Sonny are drawing closer over pizza; Britt might wind up at Windemere after all and Felix, Brad and Lucas might have a night to remember! Almost forgot to mention that Milo has come to GH to declare his feelings for his one true love!
Starting off at GH, we see Franco and Nina, sitting in a stuck elevator. Franco has his cell phone and calls Carly to tell her that a part is being ordered.
Carly is sad, telling Franco that the pizza she's ordered is on its way. There's a knock on Carly's door. It's the pizza, but get a load of the delivery driver:Sonny!!
Sonny tells the former Mrs Corinthos that he and Olivia have moved on, and he's ready to move on: to her!!
Meanwhile Britt, who took Nicholas up on his offer to join him and Liz at Kelly's, is invited to spend the night at Windemere--after she finds out what Brad's got planned for their apartment. (More on that later).
Liz? She was called back to work, courtesy of Obrecht, who decided to break all state laws on overtime to help her daughter!
Naturally, Spencer is thrilled and thinks that Britt and Nick are getting back together, but of course, that's not the case (For now!)
On to the doings at Britt and Brad's place. Brad, Lucas and Felix are planning a threesome!! (WHOA!!!!) Talk about Love in the Afternoon!!
Anyway, Lucas comes over with a sixpack of beer. He's the first one to come over--and the sexual tension is so thick between him and Brad that you can cut it with a knife!
Anyway, everyone's waiting for Felix, who has actually run into Milo at GH. Milo tells him that he's actually there to declare his feelings for his true love: an African-American nurse. While Felix gets ready for his big reveal, he finds out that it's none other than EPIPHANY!!
Felix recovers gracefully as possible, after Milo asks Epiphany out, which was sweet.He calls Brad and tells him that sorry, a three-way is actually not his thing afterall, and he won't be coming over!
Brad and Lucas waste no time and jump in bed!
Can't wait to see Milo and Epiphany's date! Will Carly and Sonny find their way back to each other? And whom will Nick choose: Liz or Britt? Stay tuned!
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