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General Hospital Update for Thursday, 21-Aug-2014

Author: jackie
Posting date: Thu, 21-Aug-2014 3:02:42 PM PDT

I don't mean to be ugly, but what on earth are Sonny and Carly doing? This fan knows that these two have a long road ahead of them if they re-unite.Sonny and Carly have a secret rendevous after a few drinks of wine and pizza. Unfortunately,a very hyper ,jealous Franco comes home. He accuses her of having been with lover boy. ;-)She tells him that her Mom came by for a glass of wine,etc. Does Franco really believe this story? Anyway, A confused Carly tells Bobbie that she tried to push Sonny away.Bobbie tells her that she is playing with fire.She adds : " I don't want to see you make a mistake." Later, Carly tries to make up with Franco. Carly tries to explain "the previous kiss" with Sonny hoping she can clear the air with Franco. What about the romantic tryst? HA
Guess who is back! Sabrina has come back from Puerto Rico and,as usual, she looks lovely. She goes to see Patrick. Patrick tells her that he has been fired. Then, he tells her about Rafe's being the one who killed Gabriel.She questions him as to why he didn't call her about this.Sabrina is upset to know that Rafe did not kill her son accidentally.She's not too happy with Patrick now.
In the meantime,Sam goes to see Silas. She asks to see his belongings. While looking through his clothes, etc. they find quite a bit of money.Silas wonders where this came from. Sam asks if Nina could have given it to him. Silas became very defensive .Sam looked surprised and she told him." I am just doing my job." I think that Silas thinks that Sam is trying to make trouble for Nina.Nina is latching onto Franco which may be another story.
Julian is chatting via Skype with Julian. Where is Luke? Luke tells him that he is ready to bring down Sonny.Jordan walks in and asks Julian whom he's talking to. She asks : "Is our boss Luke?" Julian tells her NO WAY.He adds that this boss caused him to lose Alexis. Alexis looks lost as she tells Ned about her break up ,her home being burned,etc.It looks as if Ned is the GO TO GUY when a woman feels down.;-)
Sonny asks Sean where he has been. He tells Sonny about his quiet night with Jordan. Then Sonny tells him: " While you were with Jordan,I was in bed with Carly."Oh me!There is a knock on the door and Carly ,looking quite vibrant, enters. Sonny just beams and says :" This is a nice surprise." Will Carly and Sonny truly re-unite?They do seem to love each other,however,there have been many times of reconciliation without success sooooooooooooo.Tune in Friday to see more excitement on General Hospital..
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