April Fool's Day

From: jmottolo@mtholyoke.edu (Janice)
Subject: GH: April Fool's Day
Date: 1 Apr 1995 15:02:28 GMT

In honor of April Fool's Day, I started thinking about possible pranks the 
residents of PC might be considering for the occasion:

Steve: Well, I really haven't thought about it. (chuckles) You know, the 
       last time I played  a prank, it involved a Ryan mask and FTD's "To a 
       Special Mother" Bouquet.  Come to think of it, I think it'd be 
       better if we just skip April Fool's.

Audrey: I'm planning on telling my husband that Tom has convinced me to 
        move to Chad as well. I'll let Steve know he's welcome to come with 
        me, of course. (laughs)

Alan: Was that Foster I saw with Annabelle in the garden?

Monica: Alan, I think I like the bald look. You know, I think I might 
        start shaving my head. What do you think?

Ned: Lois, my mother's coming to the family dinner for your parents!!

Lois: Miguel, your last CD has lost L&B beaucoup, beaucoup bucks and I'm 
      like going through a major trauma trying to book gigs for you, 
      y'know. The good news is I've signed you to an exclusive five-year 
      gig for this club down in Puerto Rico!!! The bad news is it's owned by 
      Lily's father. Hey, but be sure to write, vaya con dios, and all that, 

AJ: Grandfather, I've been rethinking my future. I'm just not that 
    interested in ELQ business anymore.  But I found this new band called 
    the Spoiled Rotten and guess what - they need a new singer!!!

Jason: Really? I play a mean bass!!!

Lila: Oh, my, is it April Fool's Day again? Well, whenever I'm feeling 
      especially devilish (and no one's looking), I water down Edward's 
      martinis!! (eyes twinkling)

Reginald: Crutches? I'm sorry, sir, I haven't seen your crutches.

Edward: Well, I'm going to announce to the family that I've cut someone 
        out of my will and that this person should already know who he or 
        she is. But who says it's just a joke? (grump)

MaeMae: (mouths the words) Lois, I've lost my voice!!

Justus: I'm sick of being so respectable, aren't you, Simone? What do you 
        say we do something really outrageous? I know, we could moon the 
        next city council meeting.

Simone: Or we could soap their car windows? (no pun intended)

Keisha: Amateurs. I say we empty the Charles Street Development Project 
        fund and blame it on the Q's.

Justus and Simone: (in unison) YES!!!!!

Kevin: Kevin? I'm not Kevin. Scratch that, that's not funny.

Lucy: Sigmund is being really sulky lately and you know you haven't been
      around and even when you have been around you've been pretty sulky,
      too, which is really tiresome for the both of us.(pout) Now what  
      I think he needs to perk up his little ducky spirit is some 
      private Daddy time. So, I'm bringing Siggy over for the weekend 
      and you can spend some quality time together, just the two of 
      you!!! Won't that be fun?

Luke: Hi, honey, how you doing? Yeah, I'm fine. Yeah, Lucky's fine, too 
      and the club's doing great, but...there's just one thing, 
      Angel...uh, do you know how I can get a hold of a worm exterminator?

Laura: Luke, guess what!!! The baby said your name today. Well, actually, 
       she said "daddy doo-doo head" but I'm sure she meant you.

Lucky: Well, all I can say is it involves worms and my aunt Bobbie.

Sonny: The name "Sonny" just doesn't the carry the respect that a man in 
       my position should have. From now on, call me Mr. Big.

Brenda:Uh, honey, I hope you won't be mad, but I've got you and Mike 
       booked as guests of the Ricki Lake show. I think this will be a 
       perfect opportunity for the two of you to open up and get all 
       that raw emotion that's eating you up inside out into the open. 
       Then you both can heal. And we get a free weekend away!!!!

Bobbie: I think I'll send an anonymous love letter to Damian, for old 
        time's sake.

Frisco: Of course, I'm happy about the baby!!! *He's* absolutely perfect!!!!

Tony: Frisco, guess what!! The baby said your name today. Well, actually 
      she said "Frisco doo-doo head" but I'm sure she meant you.

Filly: Frisco? Frisco who?

Robin: Uncle Mac, Stone has found this excellent experimental program for 
       helping dyslexics learn to read and, best of all, it's at Yale!!!!

Mac: You know, Robin, I never had the benefit of a college education and 
     I've always regretted it. But that's about to change. I've also been 
     accepted to the class of 1999 and, best of all, it's at Yale!!!

Stone: Yale, schmale. Sonny, I mean Mr. Big, is sending me to Harvard.

Damian: Lucy, stay away from Scully or the duck gets it.

KatyBelle: Lucy, stay away from Damian or the duck gets it.

Sigmund:(to Damian and KatyBelle) Quack, quack,quack - quack, quaaaaack!!!!! 
        (translation: Oh, sorry you stepped in my.. er...MADE YA LOOK!!!!!!)

Rather appropriately, I think, the duck gets the last word!!!!8)

Janice, who wrote the line about Tracy coming to meet Lois' family 
        yesterday and has since found out that it's possibly coming 
        true!!!!! Happy April Fool's Day, everyone!!!8)8)8)