Are you Alan? Quiz

From: (MncaWnbe)
Subject: GH: Are you Alan?  Quiz
Date: 6 Aug 1996 12:03:11 -0400

Are you Alan?  Take this simple quiz and find out!

Alan Quartermaine is not the smartest man in Port Charles.  Could you do
better?  Take this quick Alan quiz to determine whether or not you've got
any more brains than General Hospital's acting chief of staff ...

1.  You run into your wife in the lobby of a hotel where you had just
taken up residence.  It's first thing in the morning, and she's coming off
the elevator wearing the same clothes she had on yesterday.  Immediately
you think:

A -- She spent the night with another man.

B -- She must have camped out at your doorstep.

C -- She's obviously here to spy on your meeting.

2.  Your older son has a drinking problem, though he's managed to stay
sober for two months.  In dealing with him, you:

A -- Offer constant advice and encouragement so he knows he has your full

B -- Make every attempt to lessen the stress in his life and remove any
temptation to drink.

C -- Constantly belittle and make fun of him while bellying up to the bar
in the living room.

3.  Your younger son is working for a well-known mobster who has a habit
of putting the people closest to him in danger.  You:

A -- Offer the man a million dollars to stay away from your son.

B -- Knowing your son won't listen to you, hope the situation resolves
itself for the best.

C -- Sneeringly remind dangerous mobster about the tragic death of his
wife and unborn child.

4.  Your wife once had an affair with your nephew.  You:

A -- Make sure the two are never alone together and of course would never
consider letting him live on your estate.

B -- Tolerate his presence but occasionally make cutting remarks to remind
the two that you haven't forgotten about the matter.

C -- Forget the affair completely.

5.  After battling breast cancer, your wife has no desire to make love.

A -- Seek out a therapist to help the two of you come to terms with the

B -- Understand her reluctance and wait her out, even though it frustrates

C -- Attempt to have an affair with her best friend.

6.  Walking in on a friend being severely beaten, you accidentally kill
her attacker.  You:

A -- Call the police immediately; it's obviously a case of accidental or
justifiable homicide.

B -- Sneak the body into the hospital morgue and label him a "John Doe."

C -- Ditch the body on property owned by your family's company.  Later
rely on your nephew, your son and your wife to bail you out of this one.

7.  After making an emotional connection with your estranged wife, it's
obvious she wants you to spend the night.  You:

A -- Lead her gently up the stairs to your bedroom.

B -- Attack her on the staircase.

C -- Leave anyway.

8.  As acting chief of staff, you're caught in the middle of a hospital
power struggle.  At the same time, you've planned to have surgery to see
if you could once again become a surgeon.  Your decision:

A -- Have the surgery and allow your wife to take the leadership role --
she's much better at these types of things anyway.

B --Postpone the surgery and lead the hospital through this crisis.

C -- Decision?  I have to make a decision?

9.  You'd been sending secret gifts to your wife ... but suddenly someone
else is doing the same thing!  You:

A -- Tell her the latest gifts aren't from you and ask her to throw the
gifts away.  It shouldn't affect your relationship with her.

B -- Hire a private detective to find out who's sending the gifts; you'll
deal with him in your own very special way.

C -- Blame her for all of it and retreat into an emotional corner.

10.  You just found out that your wife had an affair and your newborn son
was fathered by another man.  You've decided to kill your wife and her
lover ... but how?

A -- Hire a hit man to do the dirty work.  He'll make it look like an

B -- Spend long hours in the hospital lab coming up with an untraceable
poison that'll mimic signs of a massive infection.

C -- Drop a roof on their heads.


Give yourself 1 point for every A, 2 points for every B, and 3 points for
every C.

10-15 -- You generally make the right decision in every situation and are
much, much smarter than Alan.

16-24 -- Your reasoning process is pretty good, but you have a tendency to
be a little too emotional in some situations and occasionally your ego
gets in the way of seeing what you should really do.

25-30 -- You are Alan.  I hope you have enough wealth to bail you out of
the innane situations you will undoubtedly get yourself into.

FGC Monica
FGCO Rick and Monica