Daytime in Primetime

Here's a list of prime time series in which current General
Hospital actors appeared as REGULARS. This does not include
one shot guest appearances or TV Movies and specials. This
is slightly updated, mostly to include Foster. (I suspected
it was Tequila but SOD recently confirmed my suspicions.)

Rachel Ames (Audrey Hardy)
Sandy McAllister "The Lineup" 1959-1960

Gerald Anthony (Marco Dane)
Father Peter Terranova - "Wiseguy" 1987-1989

John Beradino (Dr. Steve Hardy)
Special Agent Steve Daniels "I Led Three Lives" 1953-1956
Sgt. Vince Cavelli - "The New Breed" 1961-1962

Steve Burton (Jason Quartermaine)
Chris Fuller - "Out of this World" 1987 -1991

Stuart Damon (Alan Quartermaine)
Craig Stirling - "The Champions" 1968

Jane Eliot (Tracy Quartermaine)
Judy Trent - "Knots Landing" 1980-1981*

Mary Beth Evans (Katy Bell)
Dakota Lane - "Rituals" 1984-1985

Foster (as himself)
Tequila - Tequila and Bonnetti ( 1992)

Genie Francis (Laura Spencer)
Tyger Hayes - "Bare Essence" 19 83
Brett Main Hazard - "North and South Book II" 1989

Denise Galik-Fury (Rhonda Wexler)
Linda Striker - "Knots Landing" 1980-1981*

Peter Hansen (Lee Baldwin)
Mr. Parkson - "Mr. Novak" 1964-1965

Glen Walker Harris Jr.  (Sly Eckert)
Dougie Escobar - "Knight and Daye" 1989

Sean Kanan (A.J. Quartermaine)
Greg - "The Outsiders" 1990

Anna Lee (Lila Quartermaine)
Celebrity Panelist - "It's News to Me" - 1951-1954

Jon Lindstrom (Kevin Collins)
Brady Chapin - "Rituals" 1984-1985

Leigh McCloskey (Damien Smith)
Mitch Cooper - "Dallas" 1979-1982
Brian Walling - "Executive Suite" 1976-1977
Billy Baker - "Married: The First Year" 1979
Billy - "Rich Man, Poor Man: Book I" 1976

Joseph C. Phillips (Justus Ward)
Lt. Martin Kendall - "The Cosby Show" 1989-1991*

Joan Pringle (Elizabeth Jackson[Bradley's former assistant])
Diana Sanger - "Ironside" 1974-1975*
Nurse Keynes - "Rafferty" 1988
Tracy Curtis Taylor - "That's My Mama" 1975
Sybil Buchanan - "The White Shadow" 1978-1981

Mitchell Ryan (Frank Smith)
Don Walling - "Executive Suite" 1976-1977

John Reilly (Sean Donely)
Chick Walden - "Number 96" 1980-1981
Jay Mortimer - "The Hamptons" 1983
Roy Ralston - "Dallas" 1983

Kin Shriner (Scott Baldwin)
Mike Gallagher - "Rituals" 1984-1985

Ellen Travolta (Gloria Cerullo)
Lillian - "Charles In Charge" 1987-1990*
Louisa Delvecchio - "Joanie Loves Chachi" 1982-1983
Dorothy Manucci - "Makin' It" 1979
Rita Sugarman - "Number 96" 1980-1981

Meg Wyllie (Temp Lila)
Mrs. Schaefer - "Hennesey" 1959-1962
Mrs. Kissel - "The Travels of Jamie McPheeters" 1963-1964
(I know it's a guest spot, but Meg here was on Star Trek.
One of the Talosians in The Pilot/Menagerie*. I don't think she was the one
Pike wrestled to the floor, but I'll have
to look again to make sure.)

John J. York (Mac Scorpio)
Eric Cord - "Werewolf" 1987-1988

(*) indicates that these shows are currently in syndication
somewhere in television land.