General Hospi-tale

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by the Afternoon Delights

Rock it hard Rock it steady
Pick yourself up and get yourself ready
Wave your arms, let me hear you yell
We're gonna rap about General Hospital

It started out in Port Charles town
Frank Smith's mob used to hang around
No one could prove that he was a crook
Til Luke stole his little black book

It had names and numbers all in code
So Luke and Laura had to hit the road
They had to find the left-handed boy
Watch their step they had to be coy

The gold involved was worth so much
Others wanted it like Sally and Hutch
There's one thing I must confess
Sally was a man who wore a dress

Luke kept his cool, he ain't no fool
He set them both up cold
Well Sally died, Hutch survived 
And no one got the gold

Paging Dr. Noah Drake to ICU to treat a case of heartbreak

They keep me waiting
I don't mind waiting
Dont't call me crazy
No I'm not lazy
My day won't go right
I can't sleep all night
My hands are shaking
My knees are quaking
I just can't cope, without my soap

General Hospi-tale
General Hospi-tale
General Hospi-tale  you're my worst affliction
General Hospi-tale  you're my favorite addiction

Monica likes to have her fun
That is why she had a son
She told Rick he was the dad
Soon found out that he'd been had

There's one thing that you can give me that Lesley can't and that's passion

Alan was the father of course
And he won't give Monica a divorce
Rick wants to get Lesley back
Heather's having an insane attack

I'll get Diana Taylor

She's not crazy uh uh no never
She just wants to get Dr. Jeff Webber
Jeff wants Annie for his wife
And he might have to wait all of his life

Cause good girls don't
And Annie won't, and you all know what I mean


Amy Vining likes to blab
Richard Simmons helps fight flab
Susan's having Alan's baby
Noah wants Bobbie for his lady

Well Luke got another job
The Quartermaines are the brand new mob
Laura's the receptionist
What's missing now is the Ice Princess

Yes, Luke Spencer please

Diamonds not gold are in it this time
Scorpio, the House of Cassadine
On and on and on it goes
How it ends up nobody knows