KatyBell Retrospective

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                  (or The Blonde Appetite)
Disclaimer - This story has been time-compressed and has
added visual subconscious chatter, for the reader's
amusement.  We won't vouch for the accuracy of the dialogue,
just the general impression.  Our objectivity is not
[Scott's Place - Spring Two Years Ago.]
Katherine: Hi, I'm Katherine Crawford, Dom's old childhood
Scott: I'm Scott.  I'm depressed.  Dom died and Lucy is
       carrying our unborn child.
Katherine: Dead?! Oh, I had no idea, and here I was going
           to ask for her help.
Scott: Help with what?
Katherine: Oh, never mind, don't worry your little buzz-cut
           head about it.  Let me tell you all about Dom and
           what close friends we were.
Lucy: Who's this tart you're talking with?  Just when I
      thought I had a clear field, you take up with a blonde
Scott: She's Dom's old friend.  She can do no wrong.  Be
       nice to her.
Lucy: You just take her word for it?  When all your
      attention should be centered on me?  Well, I'll put
      a stop to this.
Scott: She reminds me of Dom.
Lucy: She reminds me of the stuff that grows in the back
      of the refrigerator when you forget you left a fruit
      salad back there.
Katherine: I am completely innocent.
[By Doms's grave.]
Scott:  Gee, I miss Dom.
Katherine: I know how you feel.  I really miss my dead
           husband Harold, too....no, not Harold, Carl!
           No, not Carl.  Ummm.... [She flips through
           notebook to check.]  Charles, that was it
Scott:  You're so sympathetic.  You're so much like Dom.
[In front of the PC Hotel]
Scott: Tell me more about how close you and Dom were,
       Katherine.  I have to talk about her constantly
       to display my grief.
Katherine: Well, we used to laugh and talk and make undying
           promises to help each other when we were in dire
           financial need.  Let's cross the street to the
[A car screeches down the street.]
Lucy: [Coming out the hotel doors.]  Watch out!
[Katherine is narrowly missed by the car.]
Scott: Thanks for saving Katherine's life, Lucy.
Lucy: Drat, what a time to have a nice reflex.
Scott: Katherine, do you suppose someone could be trying to
       kill you?
Katherine: Don't worry your head about my troubles Scott.
           I'll make out okay even if I'm in such terrible
[New York: Outside Katherine's Apartment.]
Scott: It will be so nice to see all the lovely Dom
       memorabilia you told me about.
Katherine:  Sure, Scott, come on in.
[The apartment is in a shambles.]
Katherine: Oh, no, burglars!  And they trashed all my Dom
           stuff.  New York City is so unsafe.
Scott: Are you sure somebody isn't after you, Katherine.
Katherine: Weeeelll.... maybe there is.  My husband... my
           beloved dead husband, was in trouble with loan
           sharks.  That's the ticket.  Yeah, really mean
           nasty loan sharks who harass innocent widows.
Scott: Oh, no, come and stay with me.  I'll protect you
       until I can get those nasty loan sharks off your
[Scott's Apartment.]
Katherine: You don't have to repay the five hundred
           thousand, really Scott.  Those mean nasty
           sharks can only make me a bit dead.
Scott: No, Dom has infected me with nobility and I must
       defend those in need, like yourself.  You were
       her friend.  I'd do anything for her friend.
       Besides I'm filthy rich now and that's just a
       drop in the bucket.
[Lucy enters]
Lucy: Is she still here?  She's just after your money,
      Scott.  How can you possibly trust the little
Scott: Lucy how can you be suspicious!?  She's Dom's friend!
       Dom, Dom, Dom, Dom, Dom, Dom, Dom, Dom, Dom, Dom,
       [Scott drifts into a trance.]
Lucy: Oh, boy!  I'll just have to find proof.
[A Back Alley, after Scott has delivered the requested money
 to the "loan sharks".]
Loan Shark 1: We got the dough.
Loan Shark 2: Yeah, now we gotta wait for the big boss so's
              we can split da take.
Katherine: Well, I'm here, you shmucks.  Here's your twenty
           bucks each.  Bwaaahahahaha.  I've bilked that
           bumpkin Scott for a bundle.  But you know he is
           kinda a cute, maybe I'll stick around and see
           what other tidbits I can pick up out of the trash
           cans of my betters.
[The Office of Deception.]
Scott: Julia, Katherine was such a good friend of Dom's
       let's give her a job, so I have a constant reminder
       of Dom beside me.
Julia: Sure, why not.  We'll put her in charge of public
Lucy: What!?  You've been taken in, too?  Am I the only one
      with a brain in this company?
[A hotel in Canada, where a perfume convention is going on,
Katherine has been sent to represent Deception.]
[Katherine wanders about the hotel room, sniffing a man's
clothing, while we hear the shower running.  A knock comes
on the door.]
Scott: It's me sweetness, your snoogums, Scotty.
Katherine: Scott! Wait a sec; I'm not decent.  [She
hurriedly begins hiding clothes.]
Scott: Honeybunch, we're in Canada, it's cold out here.
Katherine:[cracking the door open.]  The room's a mess,
          Snoogums.  I'll meet you in the Lobby in ten
Scott: Okay, fine, bunnykins.
Katherine: [Leans against door.] *Whew*  That was close.
[The PC Hotel Lobby]
[Damian enters.  Ned sees him.]
Ned: Old buddy, old pal, old friend.  What are you doing
Damian: Old buddy, old pal, old friend. Remember those
        great days at Prep school?  I'm here looking into
        business opportunities... yeah, that's the ticket.
Ned: Have you met Katherine?
Damian: No!  Never seen her before in my life wouldn't know
        her from moldy fruit salad.  Why would you think I
        might have ever met her.  Nope, no way.
Katherine: I've never met him either.  I never sniffed his
Ned: Right, whatever.
[Damian's Hotel Room.]
[Damian and Katherine snuggle in bed with a cold cut
Katherine: Scott doesn't suspect a thing.
Damian: So let's take the money and run.
Katherine: No, I want more, more, more, more!  I'll marry
           Scott, take half his fortune and then we can
           go off to Paris together.
Damian: You airhead.  You're sure to fall in love with the
        dope and dump me.  Plus, I don't like the idea
        of you sleeping with him in the meantime.
Katherine: I won't sleep with him, I'll just marry him and
           make everyone think the marriage was consummated.
Damian: Sure, right, that could happen.  But since you do
        happen to have the five hundred thou, give me a
        chunk of it so I can by a percent or two of ELQ.
Katherine: Sure, babe, no problem. But give me a half
[At a Pumpkin Farm around Halloween.]
Scott:  This is a nice big pumpkin.  I love you, Katherine.
Katherine: And I really do love you, Scott.  At least I'm
           pretty sure I do.  Somebody told me this would
Scott: You're just like Dom.
[Lucy goes to Dom's Childhood Estate To Investigate
Katherine's claim to be Dom's friend.  She finds the
real Katherine Crawford still residing nearby.  KC
identifies the imposter as Katherine Bell, the cook's
daughter in Dom's father's house.]
[The PC Hotel Grille.]
Lucy: Guess what, Scott.  Katherine isn't who she claims to
      be and I can prove it.
Scott: No, you can't. She is Dom's friend and perfect.
Katherine: Yes, I'm perfectly innocent.
Lucy: Oh yeah, look.... [The real Katherine Crawford enters.
      Katy runs out, horrified.]
The Real Katherine: That's just the cook's daughter
                    pretending to be me.  Some nerve, eh?
Scott: Yeah, she's got some explaining to do.
[He goes up to Katherine's room.]
Scott:  Explain yourself, wench.
Katherine: Yes, I am the cook's daughter, but I am also
           Dom's illegitimate half-sister.  My mean old
           Dad wouldn't acknowledge me.  And Dom's mean
           friends like Real Katherine abused me.  Only
           Dom loved me.  So you can love me, too, can't
           you, snoogums?
Scott: Yes, oh, yes, I will make up for all the misery those
       nasty people caused you.  Marry me, Katherine Bell
       sort-of Stanton.
[Scott leaves and Lucy is waiting outside.]
Lucy: So did you really give it to her?
Scott: The wedding's in three weeks.
Lucy: Hoo, boy!
[The Wedding at the Altar]
Preacher: Can anyone here show just cause why these two
          shouldn't be joined in Holy Matrimony?
Lucy: Me! Me, Me, Me, Me, Me!  I know just cause.  [Pulls
      Scott away from the altar. Shows him a letter.]  Look
      goof brain, here's proof.  The letter Katherine sent
      to Dom, when she supposedly didn't know Dom was dead.
      It's signed, Crawford.  If Dom knew and loved her and
      would presumbably recognize her when she got to town,
      why would Katherine sign it with her alias, unless
      she already knew Dom was dead, and this has been a
      scam from day one.  Damian gave me the clue, nice of
      him, wasn't it?
Scott: You're right!  My heart is broken.  Katherine how
       could you do this to me?  Lucy how could you do this
       to me.  I am depressed again. [He leaves.]
Katherine: [Glaring at Lucy] Curses, foiled again!
[The Outback]
Katherine: Mac, I hired  you to prove I'm Dom's sister.
           What did you dig up?
Mac: How apt. I  dug up samples of Dom's wedding dress that
     had her father's blood on it.  [Long story - Dom's
     first marriage.]  The blood type shows you probably are
     Stanton's daughter.
Katherine: Joy!  I'm vindicated.  Now Scott will take me
Mac: Newsflash, Katherine, nobody cares if you're Dom's
Katherine: Curses, foiled again!
[Katherine hangs around as the town pariah.  The baby is
born, Scott leaves town, Mac pours her drinks at the
Outback.  Damian engineers the ELQ takeover of Deception.]
[The ELQ Offices]
Katherine: Hire me, Ned.  With all the bad publicity this
           Toxic thingy is going to engender, you'll need
           a public relations whiz like me.
Ned: You're right.  Work up a publicity campaign for us.
[Kath leaves and runs into Damian.]
Damian: Hey, this my turf!  Don't go screwing up my plans.
Katherine: I don't care about your plans.  I've set my
           sights on the Nedling.  Nothing serious; just
Damian: You'll run out of millionaires eventually, you
[The ELQ Board Meeting.  Katy's campaign is presented.]
Ned: And we have enough votes to pass the Toxic thingy
     what with Damian's big ol' 37% hunk of ELQ.
Katherine: Make that 36.5 percent.  He gave me a half
Damian: It's true, I did.  Don't ask me why, because I
        haven't got a really good lie ready.
Katherine: And that point five percent is the swing vote.
           So convince me to vote your way, Ned. *nudge,
           nudge, wink, wink*.
Ned: Anything for the company.
[A Ski Lodge]
Katherine: Oh, Ned, let's use each other.  Let's have
           sex and eat rich desserts in bed.
Ned: Okay.  Are you going to vote your .5% my way?
Katherine: Maybe, depends how good you are in bed.
[Weeks later at the Q Mansion.  Katherine lurks in the
A.J.: [in the parlor] Dad, I've got the evidence that proves
      you murdered Ray Conway.
Monica: Where are you keeping the evidence, Son?
A.J.: Where no one would think to find it, locked in my
      desk drawer at the Port Charles Hotel.
Monica: IN YOUR DESK?  AT THE HOTEL?  Is it safe there?
A.J.: Of course, as safe as the Quartermaine fortune.
Katherine: [laughs softly to herself] Bwahahahaha.  This
           is the opportunity I've been waiting for.
[She steals the evidence.]
[Ned's Office.]
Katherine:  Ned, marry me.
Ned: Not on your life.  I'll sleep with you though, in the
     name of better office relations.
Katherine: Not good enough, Weasel-boy. I want the
           Quartermaine name, or Ashton, or whatever.
Ned: Like that's something to aspire to?  No, I'm not in
     love with you, Katherine, and I won't marry you.
Katherine: That's what you think.  Bwahahaha.
[The Q Parlor]
Katherine: Edward, I want your grandson's hand in marriage.
           And you're going to give it to me, or else!
Edward: Or else what?
Katherine: Or I'll tell everyone that a member of your
           family committed a murder.
Edward: You'll have to be more specific; male or female?
        Vegetable or mineral?
Katherine: Alan.
Edward: You'll still have to be more specific.  What year?
Katherine: He killed Ray Conway, and I've got the evidence
           to prove it.  Bwahahahaha.  Give me Ned and
           Deception, or else!
[Katherine's Marbleized Apartment]
Ned: Here's a big ring for you, Katherine, but now don't
     go getting it appraised.
Katherine: Oh, Nedling, you've asked me to marry you.  It's
           almost as good as a grocery store gift
[Damian's Hotel Room.]
Katherine: Damian, I'm marrying Ned today.  Not that I don't
           like you, but I want to marry a rich millionaire
           whose father wasn't a criminal.
Damian: Shows how much you know about the Quartermaine
        family tree.
Katherine: Now I'll be respectable.  All of Port Charles
           will be at my feet.  Reginald will be at my
           command.  This is sooooo good.
Damian: Kath, don't you remember all the good times we used
        to have?  The Billionaire we bilked in Boston.  The
        Can-Can con in Cannes?  The strawberry tart in the
        sleeping bag?
Katherine: Yes, I do.  Let's make love for old times sake.
           Now, don't mess up the wedding dress.
[The Wedding at the Q Mansion.]
Preacher: Do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded
Ned: More or less.
Preacher: Do you take this man to be your lawful wedded
Katherine: Yes, yes, yes.  I'm a Quartermaine!
Ned: Ashton, my name is Ashton.
Katherine: Close enough, Weasel-boy.  Bwahahahaha.
[True Love plays.  They dance.  The family gets sloshed and
barely manages to hold down their cookies, as do discerning
members of the audience.]
[The Q Driveway]
Katherine: [beeps horn] Here I am Quartermaines, ready to
           move into the east wing.
Alan: Joy, rapture.  It's like Tracy all over again.
Monica: Worse.
Katherine: Why don't you love me?  Haven't I blackmailed
           my way into your hearts?  Reginald, get my
Monica: You're a Quartermaine now, try and show a little
        class, you white trailer trash.
Katherine: Well, humph, Reginald, park the car.
Reginald: [under his breath] Just keep it up, babe.
Katherine: Lucy, bow to me.  Do as I say or you'll be
           out on the streets.  Go into your little
           closet of an office and I shall take credit
           for all your creative ideas.
Lucy: Bite me.
Katherine: [ignoring her]  Brenda, I'm thinking of replacing
           you with a blonde bimbo, because I don't want
           anyone more intelligent than me around here.
Brenda: Amoeba can't model.
Katherine:  Well, if I can run a company, they can model.
Ned: You can't fire Brenda, she knows all my nasty little
     secrets and is an asset to the company.
Katherine: Curses, foiled again.  Okay, but I'm still going
           to be mean to Lucy.
Ned: Your call.
[The Q Mansion]
Katherine: Bring back my shoe, Annabelle.  Damn you, the
           whole family is against me. [Throws shoe.]
Reginald: Leave that dog alone!
[Annabelle races into Lila's loving arms.]
Lila: What is going on?
Katherine: She stole my shoe.
Reginald: She struck Annabelle!
Lila: Katherine, you white-trash, you'll regret the day
      you ever messed with the Quartermaines.
Katherine: Oh, yeah. [She huffs out.]
Lila: About time we called an exterminator, isn't it,
Reginald: Oh, yes, ma'am, I take your meaning. *wink*
[A bedroom in the East Wing of The Quartermaine Mansion]
[Katherine lies awake in bed waiting for Ned to come home,
her pout gradually changing into a feral snarl.  Ned sneaks
into the darkened room and begins to undress.  Katherine
snaps on the light.]
Katherine: Where have you been, Nedling?!
Ned: At the office?
Katherine: 'Til four in the morning?
Ned: Would you believe I had to fix a leak at the plant?
Katherine: No, I think it's much more likely that you're
           having an affair.
Ned: Why would you think that?
Katherine: You disappear for days, come home late, have
           flecks of fingernail polish in your hair, and
           can't make love to me more than five or six times
           a day.
Ned: That last could be because you're an insatiatble blonde
     machine whose draining the life out of me.
Katherine: You can fool around, but I'm your wife, and don't
           you forget it or I'll make your life a living
Ned: Too late.
[The Q Parlor]
Katherine: Ned, it's very nice having this big house,
           running Deception, terrorizing the family,
           having the Quartermaine name....
Ned: Ashton, the name is Ashton.
Katherine: But what I'd really like is a Birthday Party,
           a Biiiiig Birthday Party, and everyone in town
           has to come.
Ned: But everyone in town hates you.
Katherine: They have to like me now that I'm a Quartermaine.
Ned: Ashton, the name is Ashton.  Dad was a Lord, you know.
Katherine: And I want it at the Outback, so Mac can see me
           in whatever slinky gown I choose to wear.  And
           I want a tacky champagne fountain, and a biiiig
Ned: And I'll get you a biiiig surprise for the occasion.
[The Outback - Katherine's Birthday Party.]
Steve: You Quartermaine's must love Katherine a lot to throw
       her this party.
Lila: I despise the woman.
Edward: She means that in the nicest way, of course.
Katherine: This is such a great party, Mac.  The Champagne
           Fountain hasn't clogged up once.  Though,
           everyone could be a little bit nicer to me.  Why
           aren't they fawning?  Why aren't they begging to
           be my friends?
Mac: Probably waiting to see if you're still standing at the
     end of the evening.
Katherine: What?!
Mac: Well, this is how "Murder She Wrote" episodes usually
     start.  Most hated person in town throws a party.
     Shouldn't you be out there antagonizing individuals
     so that plenty of people have a motive.
Katherine:  Shut up and give me another three-olive martini.
Mac: Hey, look, someone's sent Katherine a really biiiiig
     cake.  Let's wheel it on in.
[Out of the cake pops a very fetchingly dressed Lois.]
Lois: Happy birthday, Mrs. Ashton, from the other Mrs.
Katherine: What, is this some kind of joke.
Lois: The only joke is Nedly's idea of marriage.  Here's
      our Marriage license.  I came first, so mine's legal
      and your's isn't.
Katherine: Ned, is this true?
Ned: Yes, and what's more there's not a blessed thing you
     can do about it because I hired Mac to get the goods
     on you and if you accuse me of bigamy, I'll tell Joe
     Blow you embezzled from him and sold his software to
Katherine: Curses, foiled again.  Now I won't be a
           Quartermaine anymore.
Ned: Ashton, the name is Ashton!

September 1994
[The Local Jewelers]
Katherine: Hello, I'd like to get my ring appraised.  Here
           you go.  It's worth mucho dinero.
Jeweler: Two Fifty.
Katherine: Two hundred and fifty thousand?!
Jeweler: Two dollars and fifty.... cents.
Katherine: For a real diamond ring; boy, has the bottom
           fallen out of that market.
Jeweler: It's fake.. you know, simulated... counterfeit,
Katherine: What exactly are you trying to say?
Jeweler: false, an imitation, pretend, forged, bogus,
         a sham.... as phony as a stud mule.
Katherine: You mean Weasel-boy gave me a cubic zirconium?
Jeweler: Glass, cheap glass.
Katherine: Curses, foiled again.
[At General Hospital]
Katherine: Hi, my good, wonderful friend, Damian who I value
           greatly, despite the fact that you're in the
           hospital with a broken back.
Damian: Uh, oh, if you're being nice to me, it must mean
        you've lost every other friend in the world.  What
Katherine: I guess Amy, the walking internet, hasn't been
           in to see you.  Ned committed bigamy and then
           had the nerve to blackmail me into keeping quiet
           about it.
Damian: Shame on him.
Katherine: You're not sympathetic enough.  If I go down you
           go with me, chum.  Ned's got evidence about the
           software I sold to you.
Damian: They're bluffing.  Buck up, never say die, we'll get
        along.  Got out there and give 'em hell, Kath.
        You've got to know when to hold 'em and know when to
        fold 'em.  And that's all the cliches I can manage
        in such pain.  Enough to go on?
Katherine: Yes, I won't let those darned old Quartermaines
           get the best of me.
Damian: Sure, fine, hand me my pain medication.
[At The Quartermaine Mansion]
Katherine: Well, Quartermaine's you won't be rid of me that
           easily.  I'm going to do something, yeah
           something terrible, if Ned doesn't divorce
           Miss Fingernails and really marry me this time.
Lois: Stuff it, sister!  I'm not divorcing Weasel-boy.  I
      won't give you or him the satisfaction.
Katherine: Oh, yeah!  Reggie! Get me my martini!
Reginald: Three olives and a little strychnine, Miss Bell.
Katherine: Yes, exactly the way Mac makes them.  You
           Quartermaines don't scare me.  I'll tell all your
           secrets.  The Conway Murder, Ned's bigamy, Lila
           using hormones in the rose fertilizer. [She gulps
           down the martini.  It has no effect.  Reg makes a
           gesture of frustration.]
Reginald: Mini-quiche, Ms. Bell? [He offers her the tray.]
Katherine:  Yes, thank you, all I can stuff in my mouth,
            thank you.  I'll get all of you!  I'll make you
            all pay for not being nice to me.  I'll get you
            and your little dog Annabelle, too. Bwahahahaha.
Quartermaines: *Yawn*
Katherine: Humph!  I'm going upstairs to get the jewelry box
           which I inexplicably, given my greedy
           acquisitiveness, left behind.
[She trounces up the stairs.]
Katherine: I hate you, I hate you all!!  Ooooog! [She
           faints, tumbles ass over teakettle down the
           stairs and smacks her head on the steps.]
Lila: How convenient, I had the maid polish those steps
[The Hospital]
ComaKaty, the Voiceover Chick, comes into being.
ComaKaty: Where... where am I?  Why can't I see anything?
          Why do I smell Jello?  Why do I get this echo
Doc Tony: She's pretty much a vegetable, Amy.  Not much
          brain activity.
Amy: Compared to what?  She didn't just smack her head,
     did she?
Tony: Someone poisoned her.  Must be a long list of
Amy: Yeah, didn't she just have a birthday party.
[They leave, Ned enters.]
Ned: Well, can't say I'm sorry to see you like this.  It
     couldn't have happened to a better fake wife.
ComaKaty: Did you do it?  Did you try to murder me?  You
          can't hear me can you, Ned?  Echo, echo, echo.
          Cool, this is better than the Grand Canyon.
[Ned leaves, Lila enters.]
Lila: Well, I can't say I'm at all sorry to see you like
      this.  It couldn't have happened to a better fake
      grand-daughter in-law.
ComaKaty: Lila?  Oh, no!  Where are the cops?  Why are
          they letting in all these would be murderers,
          who might possibly pop my IV?
[Lila leaves, Damian enters.]
Damian: Look at us Katherine, both confined to bed and we
        can't even take advantage of it.  Now, I wouldn't
        say this if you were conscious and I wasn't on
        painkillers, but, I love you.
ComaKaty: And I love you, Damain.  No one else understands
          me when I'm unconscious.
[Lucy enters.]
Lucy: Hi, you two, my least favorite people.  How wonderful
      that you, Damian, have lost all your ELQ shares, and
      you, Katherine are more of a vegetable than usual.
ComaKaty: Get out!
Damian: Get Out!
[Lucy leaves.]
ComaKaty: I love it when we're in synch.
[At The Hospital]
Lois: It's too bad you never knew the good side of Nedly.
      His singing, the way he eats cold pasta, the leather
ComaKaty: Get out of here, you little cow.
Lois: ...his affinity for crustaceans.... But you never
      truly knew him because you're a sad, sad human being.
ComaKaty: Eat dirt and die.
Lois:  Well, I guess, now you're a sad, sad vegetable.
       Ain't life funny?
Katherine: [Rising from her coma] Who are you calling a
           vegetable, banana brain?
Lois: Oh, my gawd.  It's just like Frankenstein.  I'll
      get nurse Amy.
[Katy's Hospital Room]
Sean: So, any idea who poisoned you, Katherine?
Damian: She has no idea.
Katherine: I have no idea.
Sean: Well, I assure you, I'll pursue this with my
      usual diligence and attention to detail.
Damian: Oh, good, should take about the same amount
        of time as the Bradley Ward Case.
Katherine: Don't bother about it.  I'm just glad to be
           alive, and I'm willing to for... for...
           What's that word again, sweeheart?
Damian: Forgive.
Katherine: Yes, I'm willing to forgive whichever one of the
           Q's tried to off me.
Sean: Cool, but if you don't mind I'll go out and grille a
      few unlikely suspects. [One of which was Lucy,
      eliciting the classic how-I-wish-Katy-Bell-to-die
[Katherine's Apartment]
Damian: Isn't life wonderful?  We're both out of the
        hospital and the possiblities for revenge are
Katherine: Yes, have some more strawberries.
[ring, ring]
Katherine: It's for you, dear. Don't be long, honey, the
           the tofu fondue is almost ready and this bridle
           is beginning to chafe.
Damian: Hello, and make it quick.
Cusak: It's me Cusak, your Dad's scuzzy lawyer.  He's dead
       and Luke Spencer done him in.
Damian: Done him in?
Katherine: It's the new small talk. It means to kill
Cusak: If you're interested, the corpse is in Puerto Rico.
       Jennifer said he could rot.
Damian: I'll fly out today.  [hangs up]
Katherine: Does this mean you inheirit all his money and
           power, babycakes?
Damian: Would you love me more if it did?
Katherine: I'd love Jeffrey Dahmer if he had that much
           money.  Tighten my cinch, dear.
[Puerto Rico Hotel]
Katherine: Isn't that Lucy over there, picking things up
           off the floor.
Damian: It certainly is, I'd recognized that....[Katherine
        elbows him in the stomach]... umphhh...anywhere.
Katherine: Let's go terrorize her.
[They walk over. Lucy gets up, clutching pills and
Lucy:  Aaaagh!  Nice to see you two vipers.  Port Charles
       run out of children to steal lollipops from.
Damian: I happen to be here to claim my father's body.
Lucy: Eeeewh.  Well, yes, how terrible.  All my sympathy
Damian: I'm underwhelmed.
Katherine: What's all that stuff you have there, Lucy?
Lucy: Oh, this... this is just a few medical supplies.
Damian: For....?
Lucy: Ahh.... a wounded seagull.  That's it.  He flew
      right in my window and bang!.... right into the
      bathroom mirror.  And of course I had to take care
      of him...it, whatever.  And you know I bond so well
      with birds.
[Damian and Katherine's eyes begin to glaze over.]
Damian: We believe you, Lucy, only stop talking.
[Sean's Office]
Katherine: Remember me, Java-man?  September's victim of
           the month?
Sean: Oh, hi.  I'm happy to say that the expected progress
      on your case has been made... that is to say, none.
Katherine: Well, that's not good enough.  I want the
           no-good piece of intestinal slime who tried
           to poison me, locked up in a dungeon twelve miles
           down and compelled to associate with plague
           ridden rats.
Sean: What happened to forgive and forget?
Katherine: That was the drugs talking.  Now I want to see
           justice done.
Sean: What would you suggest?
Katherine: Oh, I don't know; questioning the suspects,
           looking for evidence, that sort of thing.
Sean: Hmmm...What a novel approach.  I never thought of
      that.  I'll give it a shot.
[The Police Station - The Interrogation Room]
Garcia: Katherine, we found the drugs used to poison you
        hidden in your apartment.  Can you explain that?
Katherine: No, I can't even program my VCR.  But that's
           not important right now.  Somebody must have
           planted that evidence.  It was one of those
           no-good Quartermaines.  I'll bet it was that
           despicable sewer rat, A.J..
Damian: Hey, watch it!  Some of my best friends are sewer
Katherine: What are you going to do about it?
Garcia: Obviously you've mistaken us for people who care.
        As far as were concerned this evidence is just
        a great excuse to drop this case like a hot
Katherine: Curses, foiled again.
[The Outback]
Katherine: [drenched from the rain] I cannot believe this
           first Damian stands me up, and then this
           disgusting young couple gets in MY cab.  Port
           Charles is out to get me!
Mac: Well, if you quell the paranoia for a few minutes,
     I'll give you a ride.  I'm goin' that way.
Katherine: Oh, Mac, I didn't know you cared.
Mac: I don't.  You just would not believe how bored I am.
Katherine: No, I know it's because you secretly desire to
           spend every waking moment with me.
Mac: Yeah, right.  Get in the car.
[They run through the rain to the car, which they don't
realize is occupied by an amorous Kevin and Lucy.]
Katherine: The rain is so invigorating.  I haven't had
           this much fun in ages.
Mac: You don't get out much, do you?
Katherine: Oh, you.  I had to get used to the rain, because
           I was so underprivileged.  People always hated
           me.  They always persecuted me.
Mac: I thought I told you to leave the Paranoia at the bar.
Katherine: Okay, let's talk about how much I hate Lucy.
Mac: Why? You two are so much alike.  You're both beautiful
     women who get what you want.
Katherine: She is soooo tacky.  Those dresses she wears,
           like a streetwalker.
Mac: I like it.
Katherine: I'll bet.  Speaking of people we hate.  How come
           you don't not like Kevin anymore.
Mac: Oh, he's really an okay guy for a pompous, overeducated
Katherine: Well, here we are at my hotel.  It was a lovely
           chat.  We really must do it again sometime...
           preferably in my bed with a McDonald's Happy
Mac: Is that what the kids' are calling it now-a-days.

[The Outback - Ned's Debut as Eddie in Port Charles.]
Katherine: Hi, Lois.  That was very sweet of Weasel-boy
           to sing you that song, but just remember he
           was sleeping with me at the same time he was
           sleeping with you and he's probably sleeping
           with the PCU cheerleaders now.
Lois: Doesn't sound like he has anytime to do any
      "sleeping" at all.  Move out of my way, Blondie.
Katherine: [Grabs Lois' arm]  Oh, no you don't.  I'm not
           done being catty yet.
Lois: Yes, you are sister. *POW* [Lois punches Katy Bell's
      lights out.  There is much rejoicing.]
[The Court Room.]
Katherine: Judge, she hit me.  Right out in public, for no
           reason at all, she hauled off and belted me.
           Make her pay me a million dollars and go to jail
           for the rest of her life.
Judge: Well, what's the defendant's side of the story.
Justus: Well, Judge, Katherine's a slut.  The altercation
        occurred because that blonde bimbo was sleeping with
        my virtuous client's husband.
Judge: Is this true?  Are you a slut?
Katherine: Let's not bicker about who slept with who. She
           hit me, now make her pay for it.
Judge: Did you sleep with her husband, young lady?
Katherine: What difference does that make?
Judge: Well, if you can't see what difference that makes,
       then you lose.  Case dismissed.
Katherine: Curses, foiled again.
[The Outback, or Lukes, or the Grille - Scene A]
Katherine: I hate everyone in this town.  How do we get
           back at all of these.... these.....
Damian: Vermin, scum, miscreants.
Katherine: Yes, them.
Damian: Yes, well, I have a brilliant plan which I'll tell
        you during the commercial break.
[This scene may be inserted anywhere in the tale.  And
don't worry Damian's plan wasn't brilliant, quite the
[Port Charles Hotel - Damian's Hotel Room]
Katherine: I've just called the BWC
Damian: Bifocal Werewolves Committee?
Katherine: No, Beauty Without Cruelty. Bwaahahahaha. They're
           some animal rights activists and I told them that
           Lucy experiments on innocent little bunny
Damian: That's nice, dear. Now go out and play.
[PC Hotel Lobby]
Chiara: Lucy Coe, your company kills innocent little forest
        creatures.  Shame on you.  Eat dirt and die.
Lucy: Who are you people?  Where did you come from?  Of
      course I don't experiment with sweet little bunnies.
      I love animals.  I've got Sigmund as a character
Chiara: We don't believe you, and we're going to stop your
        evil practices.
Katherine: [from behind potted plant] Bwahahahahah!
A.J.: Hey, can I help you out, Lucy?
Lucy: Get rid of these people!
A.J.: Consider it done.  Hey, Chiara.  That's a lovely name.
      Go out to dinner with me and I'll show you all the
      facts and figures you need to see, if you know what
      I mean, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
Chiara:  The hell with bunnies.
Katherine: [from behind potted plant] Curses, foiled again!
[Valentine's Day - Damian's Hotel Room]
Katherine: I got you a present, sugar lumps.
Damian: I got you a present, too, snoogyoogums.
Katherine: Give it to me!!! [grabs it out of his hands.]
[She opens it up.]
Katherine: It's a briefcase, how... romantic?
Damian: Look inside, there's more.
Katherine: Oooooooh. It's a hidden tape recorder, so I can
           blackmail still more of Port Charles' citizens.
Damian: Now, let's see what you got me.  [He opens it.] Oh,
        it's a letter opener.
Katherine: It's also a dagger.  Now, no one will ever
           suspect that you have a deadly weapon on your
           desk, or you could... eat with it.
Damian: You're so wicked. I love that.
Katherine: You're so evil.  I love that.
[The Outback - Insertable Mac - Scene B]
Katherine: Get me a martini, Mac.  Three olives.
Mac: Rough day?
Katherine: Everyone in this town is so nasty, except you,
           Mac, you're just a bit grumpy.
Mac: No, that's sexual frustration.
Katherine: Well, you need to have more fun.  You should
           loosen up and enjoy yourself.  Try evil laughter.
Mac: No, it doesn't work on me.  You're not doing so great
Katherine: That's because everyone is mean to me and by the
           way I hate Lucy.
Mac: Maybe if you were nice to people they'd be nice back at
[Katherine considers it.]
Katherine: Naaaaah.
Mac: Just an idea.  How come you always have three olives in
     your martini?
Katherine: A bartender once told me it was good luck.
Mac: Humph.  For the bartender, it means he has to put in
     less alcohol.
Katherine: You're so cynical.
Mac: It comes from hanging out with women like you.
[Insert Scene A here]
Damian: This time I've really got it.  We'll hire a
        sleazy accountant and mess up the Quartermaine's
Katherine: Oh, that's so wonderfully evil.  I am in awe
           of your wickedness.
Damian: Thanks, take it from here.
Katherine: Okay, this is what we do.  We get A.J. to
           apply for a matching grant for the Charles Street
           Foundation... but listen to this, here's the good
           part... we convince him to inflate his figures,
           estimating more than market value and then the
           government will catch them and make them pay
           it back and it'll be really bad publicity and
           they'll never be able to hold their heads up in
           this town again. Bwahahahahaha!
Damian: Oh, yeah, that'll teach 'em.
[The Charles Street Foundation.]
Katherine: Hi, A.J..  Why don't you hire me to do publicity
           for the Charles Street Foundation?
A.J.: I wouldn't hire you to catch mice, even though you're
      probably pretty good at it.
Katherine: We're two of a kind A.J..  I want to see you
           succeed, so I'm going to give you a tip.
A.J.: More likely the shaft.
Katherine: I've got this friend in the government, who
           gives money to silly things like this.  Here's
           his number.
A.J.: Thanks, now scram.
Katherine: Oh, and when you fill out the forms, don't forget
           to ask for all the money you can possibly get, so
           the wonderful residents of this quaint part of
           town, get everything they're entitled to.
A.J.: Of course, I'm a Quartermaine, aren't I?
Katherine: You certainly are. Bwahahahahaha.
[Damian's Hotel Room]
[Katherine walks in to find Lucy thanking Damian for his
part in her rescue from Joe Scummy.]
Katherine: *hiss* *spit* *meow*  What is she doing here?!
Damian: She was just saying thank you, for my saving her
        life and I was just saying you're welcome.
Katherine: Well, I don't like it a bit.  Doing something
           nice; what could you be thinking?  You must
           want to sleep with her.
Damian: That goes without saying, but so far she's not that
Lucy: Ewww, yuck.  You're both sick little puppies. [She
Katherine: You're not getting any tonight.
Damian: Fine by me. Jealousy is so boring.
[Damian's Hotel Room - Watching TV]
Katherine: I've got A.J. right where I want him. Bwahahaha.
           The whole Quartermaine family is going to suffer
           from bad publicity.   I've got them.....
Damian: Shhhh.  Be quiet! I want to listen to this phone
        psychic commercial.
Katherine: Why, is Scott on?
Damian: Hmmm?  No, I have an idea, a wonderful, evil,
        grinchy idea.
Katherine: For vengeance on whom, in particular?
Damian: Lucy!
Katherine: I don't like it.  All your revenge plans for her
           seem to lead towards getting her in bed.  Can't
           you plot revenge against me every once in a
Damian: No, I have a headache.
[Katherine's Apartment]
Damian: I've gone to see Madame Maia and she's agreed to
        help me ruin Lucy's life by breaking up her and
        Kevin.  Now I need your help.
Katherine: Blow it out your ear, Rat-boy.
Damian: You mean you won't do publicity for my phony
Katherine: No, and you're not getting any tonight either.
[The Outback]
Damian: I've agreed to underwrite the nurses' ball.
Katherine: What?! So you can be close to little Miss Lucy.
Damian: It's all part of my plan, my pet.
Katherine: Yeah, right.
Lucy: I've agreed to take your money, but keep your paws
      off me, Rat-boy.
Damian: I love a challenge.  Here's fifty-thousand and dance
        and sing with me at the Ball.
Lucy: Drop dead... is that cash?
Damian: Small, unmarked bills.
Lucy: Alright, but I won't enjoy it. [She leaves.]
Katherine: Mac, get me another martini... four olives!
[The PC Grille]
Katherine: [on the phone, fake southern accent]  This is
           Mrs. Caddywampus, I'm a friend of Lila
           Quartermaine, and I want to buy two tables for
           the Nurses' Ball.
Jon: Sure, I'm not used to people trying to cheat charities
     out of money, so I'll take your word for it.
Katherine: Wonderful. [hangs up] Bwahahahahaha. [Picks up
           the phone again.] I want to order a thousand
           orchids and a ton of caviar for the nurses
           ball... The name? Coe, Lucy Coe, C.O.E....that's
[The Nurses' Ball]
Katherine: *bwap* Stop looking at Lucy, Damian.
Damian: How can I help it, sugar, she's in the middle of the
Lucy: I believe this is our dance, bought and paid for,
Damian: *drool* Yes, I believe it is.  Later, Kath.
[Katherine fumes, gets up and runs into Mac.]
Mac: Alone tonight?
Katherine: At the moment.  And you're alone, of course.
Mac: As usual.  Nice bumping into you.
Katherine: Very.  Maybe I'll come over to your table later.
Mac: I'll look forward to it.
[Damian leaves to Sing with Lucy.  Katherine goes over to
Mac's table.]
Katherine: Damian is singing with Lucy.
Mac: I didn't know Lucy could sing.
Katherine: She can't.  She has no talent.
Mac: Well, she's put on two successful balls.
Katherine: We'll just see about that. Bwahahahahaha.
Lucy: Anything you can do I can do better.
Damian: I can do anything better than you.
Katherine: I want you both dead! Dead, do you hear me?
Lucy: We haven't raised enough money to beat last year's
      figures, so I'm selling the clothes off my back.
      What do I hear for this glove?
[Sonny buys a glove.]
Lucy: What do I hear for the second glove?
Damian: One hundred!
Sonny: One fifty.
Damian: Two hundred.
Lucy: Sold!
Katherine: Curses, foiled again!
[Lucy sells the rest of her clothing.  Katy fumes.]
Katherine: Why don't you two go to a hotel room and get
           it out of your systems?
Lucy: She's your problem, Damian.  I've got enough of my
Katherine: Don't you walk away while I'm talking to you.
*bwap* [Lucy is flung out on the stage in her "knickers".
Now a Nurses' Ball tradition.  She's a big hit.]
Katherine: Curses, foiled again!

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