Miguel Retrospective

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           (or All The Scenes You Fast Forwarded
              Because You Didn't Want To Know)
This story has been time-compressed and has added visual
subconscious chatter, for the reader's amusement.  We won't
vouch for the accuracy of the dialogue, just the general
[The Outback - A year or two ago]
Lois: Miguel, I want you to come sing for me.  I'm desperate
      for artists 'cause Eddie's such a flake.
Miguel: I can't, Lois.  My ex-manager would kill me.
Sonny: No worries.  I took care of that. Your ex-manager
       won't make any trouble.  Work for L&B if you want to.
Miguel: That's wonderful, but it was none of your business.
        I spit on you.  You are evil Sonny.
[L&B Records]
Miguel: Brenda, I miss the love of my life and cannot write
        songs.  Comfort me.
Brenda: Ah, poor Miguel, your soooo sensitive.
Miguel: I will lose myself in the music...dance...my body
        close to yours.
Brenda:  Sounds like fun. [They dance.]
Sonny: [Hits Miguel *smack*] Don't dance with my girl like
       that again, or I'll make you eat your cujones,
Miguel: How dare you come between me and any woman I choose
        to touch, you hothead.  I spit on you.  You are evil
        Sonny. [Storms out.]
Brenda: Sonny, you better apologize to Miguel.
[Puerto Rico University]
Sonny: Hi, Lily.  I'm Sonny.  Your lost love is in Port
       Chuckles, come join him so he'll keep his mitts
       off my girlfriend.
Lily: Daddy would kill him.
Sonny: That's a good alternative, but it might upset Lois.
       Besides I told your Daddy, Frank would give him
       cement overshoes if he tried it.
Lily: I will come and rejoin my love.
[The PC Airport]
Miguel: Leelee, I love you.
Lily: Miguel, I love you.
Miguel and Lily:  We can be together forever!
Miguel: But it was none of Sonny's business.  I spit on
        him.  Sonny is evil.
[The PC Dock]
Lily: Miguel, we have a son.
Miguel: Why didn't you tell me?
Lily: My father would have killed you.  He sent me to
      Florida, held me prisoner and ripped the child
      from my arms.  Until Sonny threatened Daddy into not
      killing you I dared not even contact you for fear it
      would mean your death.
Miguel: Leelee, this is all your fault.  How could you do
        this to me.  Keep my son away from me.  If you
        didn't want him, I did.
Lily: Huh?!!! Umm...oh....right, Miguel, whatever you say.
      Please forgive me for what I have done.
Miguel: And it was none of Sonny's business.  Where does he
        get off protecting me and bringing my lost love to
        me.  I spit on him.  Sonny is evil.
Lily:  Oh, Sonny's not so bad.
Miguel: [Glaring] One day I may choose to forgive you,
[Puerto Rico - Juan's adoptive parents' house]
Lily: Look, our son.  Isn't he cute, happy and contented.
Miguel: Yes, a son.  It was manly of me to produce such a
        fine son.
Lily: But we must leave him here, where he is happy, though
      it breaks my heart.
Miguel: Yes, we would not want to actually have to care for
        the brat.
Miguel & Lily: Goodbye Juan!
[Puerto Rico - The Hotel]
Miguel: Leelee, let's have sex.
Lily: No, Miguel, not until we are married.
Miguel:  But we had sex before; Juan proves it.
Lily: I was younger then and had a stronger stomach.  Now I
      need God's help to sleep with you.
[Puerto Rico - Rivera's Place. They have been kinapped by
her father.]
Rivera: Frank's dead.  I can do anything I want, and I want
        to turn Miguel into fish food.
Lily: If you do, I'll tell all your secrets.
Sonny: [Pulls Rivera aside; sotto voice] I'm in charge now.
       I don't want to see the women upset or ruin my vision
       of a Nice Mob, so ixnay on the urdermay.
Rivera: Okay, but promise you'll keep an eye on Lily and
        turn Miguel into maggot munchies when he hurts her.
Sonny: You got it, Pal.
Rivera: [To Lily] One day you'll know I was right.
[Back in Port Charles above Kelly's Diner]
Miguel: Leelee, I love you so much.  Let's get engaged.
Lily: And married, right away.
Miguel: Right away?  No sex first?
Lily: [firmly] No sex.
Miguel: *sigh*  I don't understand you, Leelee.  Is this
        something to do with Sonny?  I spit on Sonny.  Sonny
        is evil.
[Kelly's Diner]
Miguel: I am so happy, Leelee.  We are going to get married
        and have many children.
Lily: Oh, yes!  We will have a child.  Perhaps a beautiful
      little boy, who will be like Juan, but ours to keep.
Miguel: What!? You just want to replace Juan and use me as
        a sperm donor.
Lily: Huh?!!!
Miguel: You must rethink your priorties, Leelee.  I must
        always come first in your heart.  In time I may
        forgive you.
Lily: I will try to be better, Miguel.
[The Outback]
Lily:  Have you forgiven me yet, Miguel.
Miguel: No, stay away from me, Leelee.  Don't touch me,
        Leelee. We don't really know each other, Leelee.
Lily: But we love each other, Miguel.  Can't we work it out?
Miguel: We work it out when I say we work it out.
[Luke's Blues Club] - A
Sonny: Hi, Lily, how goes it?
Lily: Miguel is mad at me.
Sonny: Too bad.  Brenda's mad at me and always wants me
       to talk.
Lily: Well, I don't want you to talk.  Let us just sit here
      and be non-judgemental of one another.
Sonny: [Stares pensively into the distance]  Fine.
[L&B Records] - B
Miguel: I don't understand Leelee.  I want children.
        She wants children.  How can she oppose my will like
        this, if she truly loves me.
Brenda: That little witch.  It's probably because she's
        after Sonnny.
Miguel: I spit on Sonny.  Sonny is evil.
Brenda: Oh, he's not so bad.
Miguel: Don't defend him to me.
[Conversations A and B can safely be inserted anywhere in
the Saga, with only slight variations.]
[Over Kelly's Diner.]
Lily: Miguel, it's not just the baby thing, is it?  There's
      another reason you don't want to marry me.
Miguel: Yes, Leelee, because I don't feel secure in my
Lily: Is Mac cutting back on free meals again?
Miguel: My music career.  Sonny owns part of L&B.  I'm
        afraid he will make me sing evil songs and do
        concerts in New Jersey.
Lily: Well, then quit and work for some other record
Miguel: Sonny is evil.  I spit on him.  He would surely
        break my kneecaps if I tried to break my contract
        and I could not desert Brenda and Lois.
[Sonny's Apartment]
Lily: Could you talk to Miguel, Sonny.  Tell him he doesn't
      have to play New Jersey and L&B is secure.
Sonny: Sure.
[Over Kelly's]
Sonny: Miguel, L&B is secure and you don't have to play
       New Jersey.
Miguel: I spit on you.  You are evil.  I don't believe you.
Sonny: You can quit if you want.  There's the door.  Here's
       your hat, what's your hurry?
Miguel: I will not desert Brenda & Lois.  You are forcing me
        to stay close to your evilness.
Sonny: Huh?!!! Suit yourself, kid.
Miguel: I spit on you, Sonny.  You are evil.
[Brenda's Party At Luke's]
Lily: Dance with me A.J..
A.J.: Sure, I never say no to a woman.  Not that I get many
Miguel: [On stage] Lalalalalalalala. [He sees Lily dancing
        with A.J. and bounds off stage.]  Mine!  Mine woman!
        *grunt*  Mine woman!
[Sonny and Luke pull him off A.J..  Following dialogue in
Lily: Miguel, I just wanted to show you that you aren't the
      only sperm donor on the planet.
Miguel: Slut!
Sonny: Hey, don't be calling her a slut.
Miguel: [Pushes Sonny] Stay out of this!  I spit on you.
        You are evil, Sonny.
Sonny: [Pushes back] Up yours, Miguelito.
[They are pulled apart.  Miguel storms out. Dialogue in
English again.]
Brenda: Lily, you ruined my party by making Miguel attack
        you and Sonny defend you.
Lily: I must apologize to Miguel.  I must make things right
      between us.
[Over Kelly's Diner]
Lily: I'm sorry Miguel.  Forgive me for my sins.  I love you
      let's work things out.
Miguel. No, Leelee, making me jealous is unforgivable. No,
        stay away from me, Leelee.  Don't touch me, Leelee.
        We don't really know each other, Leelee.
Lily: But Miguel, I love you.
Miguel: I don't know you.
Lily: Don't you remember?  It's me, Lily... Lily Rivera.
      Puerto Rico, six years ago, the love of your life.
Miguel: We've grown apart.  We are different people.
[L&B Records]
Lily: I really don't want to be in this majorly dumb video.
Miguel & Brenda: Fine by us.  The less we see of you the
[Lily, Brenda and Miguel go to the warehouse and the latter
proceed to slither all over each other in the name of
"art".  Lily leaves.]
Miguel: I don't understand Leelee.  When I'm nice to her
        she's happy.  When I'm mean to her she's sad.  Why
        does she have these mood swings.
Brenda: She just doesn't appreciate you, Miguel
[They slither over each other some more.  Sonny comes in,
watches and leaves.]
[At Luke's]
Lily: I don't like the way Brenda and Miguel slither in
      that video.
Sonny: Me neither, but it's "art" and we have to accept it.
Lily: Yeah.  Wanna hear about my Spanish class?
Brenda: [Comes in; done slithering for the day.]  Hey, what
        are you two doing talking to each other.  That's
        practically being unfaithful, Sonny.  And Lily,
        you're such a slut.
[Kelly's Diner; after Mike's been shot.]
Lily: Tough day, huh?
Sonny: Yeah.  Got anymore meatloaf.
[Miguel enters and glares.  Sonny leaves.]
Miguel: And now, you're sharing your meatloaf.  Is there no
        depth you will not sink to, Leelee?  I spit on
        Sonny.  Sonny is evil.
Lily:  I love you, Miguel.  Let's talk.  We can work things
Miguel: No, Leelee, we're not who we were. No, stay away
        from me, Leelee.  Don't touch me, Leelee. We don't
        really know each other, Leelee.
[The Wedding in New York - The Quartermaine Yacht.  Lily and
Miguel have gone up on deck to gaze out at New York Harbor.
They are alone.  "Nows your chance, Lily.  Push him in.  No
one will ever know," we shout.]
Lily: I dreamed of coming to this land and starting a family
      with you.
Miguel:  Why did you give up that dream?
Lily: I didn't, you did.
Miguel: Oh yeah.  No, stay away from me, Leelee.  Don't
        touch me, Leelee. We don't really know each other,
[Lily regrets the missed opportunity.]
[In Front of The Outback. (Apparently Lily had a spine
surgically implanted while in New York.)]
Lily: Miguel, it's over.  Here's your ring back.
Miguel: What!? You can't mean that.
Lily: I don't know why you're surpised.  It seems to be what
      you want.
Miguel: Leelee, how can you think that I want you to go
        away; that I want you not to touch me.  That I want
        you to leave me alone.  How can you think these
        foolish things?
Lily: I don't know, I just somehow got that impression.
Miguel: It isn't over, Leelee.  I love you.  You are my
Lily: Forget it, Miggy.  Hasta La Bye Bye
[Miguel runs to L&B to tell Brenda.]
Miguel: How dare she dump me.  I am the man.  I decided when
        and if our relationship ends, not the weak woman.
Brenda:  You are so right.  Lily is a cruel conniving little
         bitch to dump you and now she's gonna go after my
[Lily runs to Luke's to tell Sonny.]
Lily: I broke my engagement.
Sonny: Too bad.  I mean, it must be painful for you, but
       personally I think your better off without the jerk,
       as would be the rest of the world.
Lily: Thank you for your sympathy, Sonny.  I must go teach
[She leaves.  Later Brenda and Miguel enter.]
Brenda: Sonny, isn't it awful that mean old Lily has dumped
        poor innocent Miguel.
Sonny: Yeah, she told me.  Too bad.
Miguel: What!?  She had the evilness to tell our problems to
        another man?
[Sonny forbears to mention that Miguel told the exact same
news to another woman; Brenda.]
Brenda: [Holding back Miguel] Sonny, can't you tell he's in
        a lot of pain.
Sonny:  Well, Lily's not exactly doing cartwheels either.
Brenda: SHE dumped HIM.
Sonny: Well, can you blame her, after....?
Miguel:  Don't explain, Leelee to me.  I know her.  You
         don't.  She is my property.  You are trespassing.
[He takes a swing at Sonny.  Luke pulls him off, takes him
Brenda: Why did you make Miguel try to hit you?  And why did
        you let Lily talk to you?
Sonny: Huh?!!! He's the one who...
Brenda: He has the right to be violent.  It's his artistic
Sonny:  He could be an axe murderer and you'd say that.
Brenda: As long as it's Lily he chops up.
[Miguel is brought back in and Brenda makes her first bridge
building attempt.]
Brenda: Let's sit down and talk about the video.  I see an
Sonny: Too appropriate.  I see the inside of a warehouse.
       What do you see, Miguel?
Miguel: You are trying to control my life! I spit on you.
        You are evil, Sonny.
Sonny: Huh?!!! Would rearranging your face count as
       controlling your life, too, Punk!
[Miguel storms out.  Sonny storms upstairs.  Unusual weather
we're having, ain't it?]
Luke:  Well, at least there weren't any knives pulled.
       Diplomacy does not seem to be one of your skills,
[Sonny's apartment.  How do we tell if she's made of wood?
Build a bridge out of her?]
Brenda: I've asked you here, Lily, to set some things
        straight between us.
Lily: Good!  I want you to like me.  I want everyone to like
      me.  Let's work things out.
Brenda: Yeah, right.  You dumped Miguel.  He's in a lot of
        pain. It's affecting his music.  You should leave
        him alone.
Lily: I'm sorry he's in pain, but I have stayed away from
Brenda: I was thinking a little further away, like upper
        Siberia.  I want you away from Miguel, L&B and
        most especially, Sonny.
Sonny: Brenda, you should back off, you're coming down
       on her too hard.
Brenda: Shut up, Sonny.
Lily: What you mean is that I am a threat to your property.
Brenda: You got it!
Lily:  Grow up, Brenda!  You can keep L&B and Miguel, but
       I'm not giving up my incredibly boring and non
       -passionate friendship with Sonny, just because
       you're not mature enough to handle it.  I'm staying.
       Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
Brenda: *hiss*  *meooooww*
[Lily storms out.]
Sonny: That's quite a bridge you built, honey.
                 AND THE SAGA LIMPS ON....
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house on you." -- Glinda, the "good" witch of the North.
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