Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons Ned Would Like To Fire A.J.

10) Needs a new haircut.
 9) Tells bad hotel jokes.  (i.e. "Room Service,
    I want some ice water."  "I'll send up an onion:
    that'll make your eyes water.")
 8) You can't trust a Quartermaine.  Ned should know.
 7) Reads comic books on duty: well, at least looks
    at the pictures.
 6) Running a crap game in the penthouse.
 5) Wants to have boxing matches in the spa.
 4) Thinks computer can see him.
 3) Wants to do Julia a favor.
 2) Caught stealing shower caps from rooms.
And the number one reason Ned would like to fire A.J.:
 1) He looked at him funny.
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